2020--2 Letters--Coronavirus--Memorial!

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  • alanv

    They just cant bring themselves to say, we will cancel the memorial this year. The memorial is meant to be all about the anointed ones sharing bread and wine, so why would anyone not sharing in that meal need to be there?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Thanks Atlantis & Petra.

    You keep providing us with food at the proper time - even before the bewildered & bemused in KH's get it!

  • BluesBrother

    I heard ( second hand info) that a something similar was read out at the local congregation in the U K....

    The meeting had described the Memorial Invitation campaign due to kick off this weekend. Apparently, that has now been scrapped and invites only to personal friends and family.

    At least they are taking it seriously. I am told that the old and infirm are advised to stay home and rely on audio /video tie ins

  • HiddenPimo

    The best part of this letter is the fact it was leaked before all of my PIMI family even knows about it. LOL. That Holy Spirit is working OT. I know before I would have even known when serving as an elder.

  • tiki

    Wow! Amazing they are actually responding responsibly rather than the invincible angel protected bit.....

    I think alanv has the best idea...since only the special ones partake make it a party for just them. They don't need an a

  • truth_b_known

    Cross crocodile infested waters to get to meetings = Yes

    Pass virus infected cups and plates at meetings - Nope

  • Wakanda

    "Kingdom Hall dedications postponed until further notice..."

    I can't imagine there are ANY scheduled in the USA. Being generous, they are building maybe 5 in the whole country, and taking their sweet time and hundreds more volunteers with multitudes of pointless LDC meetings.

    That part of the letter reminded me of a particular jerk of a CO who announced the pioneer meeting for the Pioneers, any Special Pioneers, and Auxiliary Pioneers. He knew damn well the congregation had NO Special Pioneers (and probably never did), he went over the cards that Monday like every CO! But, he probably thought there were some who would be fooled and think: "Oh, do we have Special Pioneers?" or "There must be a lot of congregations with special pioneers because he adds that in the announcement every week."

    It also shows the hateful 8 are holed up in their estate(s).

    As I told my husband, we should do as they do, not as they say with regard to this virus.

  • WTWizard

    Field circus still going? You mean that people will still be expected to get their time in, potentially picking up coronavirus at one door and spreading it from door to door and through the whole congregation? I will not let those jokehovians anywhere near me--they are as bad as the cult that intentionally seeded South Korea with this.

    Not to mention, I hope they don't understand a word of German (and, with Atlantis sending those German files, my German is getting a little better each one of those files while the jokehovians have no such advantage). Because I will tell them in German that I refuse to spread coronavirus from door to door, and I refuse to donate any food or supplies now (or silver, when the dollar becomes toilet paper) to them. I spend my own money on it, it is mine. Nor will I go to the coronavirus hall to reject Jesus--I can do that at home just fine.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Thanks Atlantis!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Just got word that most congregations in Orange County California (south of Los Angeles) area have canceled all congregation meetings (midweek & weekend) including meetings for field service until further notice. This includes all cart witnessing...everything JW related has been put on hold due to virus concerns.

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