New mangled words

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    ExAmpler. Like in Christ is ours. Add this to liberry pronOUNciation and aks. Need to go back to elementary school

  • blondie

    How about


    comes out as


    I heard one public speaker use the wrong term throughout his whole talk. I wonder if some one mentioned it to him after the meeting?

  • zeb

    One speaker referring to Alexander the Great said he set his army into 'parallax' formation which is an optical term when he meant phalanx.

    Then the elder who spoke of Peter in the courtyard warming his hands by a brassiere ...

    Other wise funny but an example of people with no basic education or in the first case not bothering to proof his own talk.. (wonder hm jw own a dictionary..?)

  • blondie

    I also remember a brother on the service meeting gave a part about how people said the word:

    Pronunciation wrong and while he kept saying:


    Of course, they incorrectly base this pronunciation on knowledge of the verb form 'pronounce', and think (logically - but English spelling and pronunciation is not necessarily that logical) the noun form must be 'pronounce' + '~tion'. Only difference is: The correct word is PRONUNCIATION.

    He was also the one that used immorality instead of immortality.

  • ShirleyW

    Blondie - We had a sister do the same thing in the ministry school !! Her talk was about pronunciation and she kept saying "noun", when the brother graded her he didn't mention anything about it.

    And on this board, although we don't hear how people pronounce words, the spelling sometimes . . .

    my faves are:



    definately ( just don't understand when definitely grew an "a" )

    And my all time favorite on this board was "dawter" and he kept spelling it that way all through his post, a grown man.

  • sir82

    We had one guy who for some reason was in love with the term "permeate", as in "the holy spirit permeates our meetings".

    Aside from his statements not making any sense,"PREMEATE".


    And in virtually every talk, he found a way to work in how the holy spirit "premeates" this, that, or the other thing.

    Drove me bonkers.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    A guy on a district assembly who emphatically said testicle for tentacle several times. As in the octopus has eight testicles. Then when the penny dropped (and you could hear it) he couldn't decide whether to carry on as he was or correct himself whilst the sky fell on his head.

    Also organism - orgasm.

    Hyper-bowl. Hiperbole.

    Their souls, her soul,, his soul, our soul. Or arse 'ole in UK speak.

  • blondie

    Great examples, all.

  • iwantoutnow

    I grew up in a Congo of very educated people.
    I moved to one with well "not".

    First Public Talk I went to - a "brother" spoke in a way I thought was a joke? I had never heard someone mangle english like this.

    I literally started laughing (thinking everyone would) and got a elbow in the GUT from my girlfriend who was in that cogo.

    One of the many words he said that I had NO idea of the translation :), was Bitniss.

    He said if over and over.

    Turned out it was Business.

  • waton

    In the line of the hand warming "brassiere"(a good one) , there was "Le massage du royaume" given to every householder.

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