I love heavy metal!!!

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  • ironsnake656

    Probably you noticed that my avatar is a photo of Steve Harris, bassist of Iron Maiden. I have quite a few years that I started to listen this kind of music, even when I was in the JWland. Although it was a "no-no" in the borders of JWland, I knew a lot of brothers and sisters that listened and loved this kind of music. I remember some articles from the Org. about the dangers of this kind of music. Also, when you wanted to apply for being a Bethelite, one of the questions is "do you listen heavy metal/rap". One CO told me that the Org. named one band in its publications: Guns n' Roses.This attitude of hate and prohibition was not exclusively from the JW, but also from other religions in general.

    When I was in the university, one professor influenced us not just to listen heavy metal, but to analyze its implications in the culture, society and religion. He recommended us to read "Running with the Devil: Power, Gender and Madness in Heavy Metal Music", from Robert Walser, and to see the documentary from Sam Dunn "Metal: a Headbanger's Journey". We learned a lot from those works about the roots, history, influence, behavior and other stuff related with heavy metal. I recommend you too to review these works if you like heavy metal.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Wow! They want to know if you listen to heavy metal? Now have heard everything.

    My kids love heavy metal. Guns and Roses are one of my son's favourites. They both love Slash and Ozzie Osborne.

    I am glad that they research lyrics etc before songs get added to the playlist. Rammstein are a bit much for me.

  • ironsnake656

    Regarding lyrics, there are a lot of songs with religious themes. i.e. The Number of the Beast of Iron Maiden first verses are taken from the book of Revelation: "Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the Beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short... let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty six"; the song Creeping Death of Metallica is talking about the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt by means of plagues, specially the last one (firstborns killings).

  • HereIgo
    yes, the elders definitely frowned upon metal but I still knew a couple of older bros that's listened to and loved metal, namely Metallica, Black Sabbath.
  • Normalfulla

    I love and play heavy music ,not really heavy in my opinion but for most old school jw it's the Devils music , being in a band attracted unwanted criticism from elders who frowned on our style and was told to just give it up and concentrate on serving jehovah after all you can play all the music u want in the new system!

    F off

    Rock on

    Maiden, metallica ,gnr, all cool old skool metal , ....breaking benjamin, tool,dream theater ,seether... so many

    If u like 8 string guitars check out heavy metal ninjas they are awesome (instrumental)

  • jayjay78

    me too - always liked metal and got caught up in the satanic panic of the 80s.. playing records backwards.i remember i had def leppard hysteria record and my family had a kingdom bbq thing ..anyway i invited a few young ones into my room and proceeded to play one of the songs backward - it has really clear vocals when u play it. anyway couple of kids totally freaked out and 2 weeks later there was a public needs part on the tuesday night meeting - all about the devil and music. XD

  • punkofnice

    The last gig I paid to go to was Ozzy Osborne. I now play bass in a local rock band 'Porky Pig - the Bacon Boys'. www.porkypig.org.uk/

    Mainstream music is all basically the same, just different applications. That's why you can have a punk version of a reggae song etc etc. 4 beats a bar or 3 if you fancy a waltz. Different timings if you want to be pretentious

  • Onager

    Can I roll out my old anecdote of seeing Iron Maiden play at Twickenham? Twickenham is(was?) the main assembly venue for the UK's regional assemblies. It was brilliant to be singing "Run to the Hills" in a *packed* stadium where the last time that I had been there I had been sitting in a suit writing poems along the lines of "The Seagulls are more bored than we."

    I must say that I do love Rammstein as well though. It's actually the total lack of analysis, because I don't speak German, which makes their songs a purely auditory\emotional experience.

  • Phoebe

    Actually I do, too (and I'm in my 60s!) I've been to lots of gigs with my kids. Of course, I wouldn't tell anyone at the hall that I went. But my favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold. Dream come true when I saw them.

    The last gig I went to was Rammstein, I love Richard. Z.Kruspe...he's so cool. That was the best gig - ever.

    I also love WWE and have been to see them recently. I love wrestling!

    See, this is why I was never good enough to be a JW!!!

  • WingCommander

    Best Iron Maiden song that relates to the feelings of being an ex-JW?

    Wasted Years.


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