JWs and legalized Marijuana

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  • jws

    I know this was probably covered before in some post, but I was curious. What is the JW stance on recreational marijuana use in the states where it has been legalized?

    I would suspect smoking it, like cigarettes, would probably still be against the rules, but there are ways to use it that aren't damaging to your lungs. Like brownies or other edible forms.

    There are things like alcohol that are mind altering drugs. Yet they are OK in moderation. So why not marijuana in moderation?

    Have the JWs taken a position on it? Any stories of them being OK with it?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Jws have some half-cocked idea regarding drug use (and even tobacco, I think) that links it to "spiritism". So even if you do away with the harmful effect on the lungs (smoking), they will still prohibit its use on the basis of spiritism. Seem like their twist on it is that Drugs are from the greek work Pharmakia (sp) which is connected to "spiritism" and thus it's all bad. It doesn't have to make any sense. JWs all lap it up as though they are privileged to some special enlightenment via the GB's connection to the Holy Spirit, etc etc blah blah blah.

  • WTWizard

    I believe they hit on that in 1973. Smoking weed is drugs, just as betel nut and regular cancer sticks. Unless you have a valid medical prescription (in which case, it would be like taking a prescription antidepressant, as so many do), it is taboo to smoke weed.

    And no, I do not recommend doing it because it will ruin your brain and your liver. And make it easier for joke-hova and its filthy angels to mess with you.

  • Crazyguy

    I know of several JWs smoking pot or taking it in other ways for medical use in washington state and the elders of thier congregations are ok with it.

  • careful

    Can you imagine Stephen Lett high? How bizarre would that be?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I would suspect smoking it, like cigarettes, would probably still be against the rules - yes, I suspect this, too.

    Also, don't the JWs quote the scripture about the need to keep their bodies and minds clean? Smoking Mary J would defile their bodies and minds, I think.

    Can you imagine Stephen Lett high? - maybe he'd start talking sense.

  • RubaDub

    Smoking it for recreational purposes is the same as smoking a cigarette in their opinion. Continue it and you are out the door.

    For medical purposes, it generally seems to be ok.

    I forget how the subject came up but a year or so ago I was talking to an older elder (from the 60's era) and another person and he looked around, laughed, and said why would they have to smoke it. Can't they just make some brownies if they need it?

    I guess he was reasoning, there is not the chance of "stumbling" someone when they see you eating as opposed to smoking.

    Rub a Dub

  • OrphanCrow

    An article that reveals the JWs' stance on medical cannabis:

    What is cannabis topical oil? And why is this Rancho Cordova couple so good at making it?

    Taking the top prize in the Emerald Cup is considered the cannabis equivalent of winning an Oscar, and a key way to establish clout in California’s medical marijuana economy, which is valued as high as $2.7 billion.

    Dudgeon has grown cannabis for the past three years, while Taylor has worked for the past 17 years in pest control for the cannabis industry. The couple made their first batch of cannabis-infused topical oil about a year ago for Dudgeon’s grandmother, who suffers from arthritis in the knee. Using cannabis in other ways, such as smoking, wasn’t going to work for her. In addition, Dudgeon comes from a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Read full story at link.

    And a bit of information about that " medical marijuana economy, which is valued as high as $2.7 billion."


  • jws

    In my mind, alcohol and marijuana are both recreational drugs. Yet they allow alcohol.

    But then again, some alcohol like beer and wine has other nutritional value. I don't know if anybody's touted the nutritional value of the hard liquors but they didn't ban them when I was a JW.

    And I don't see how an edible version that you're not smoking would be any different. The nutritional value is probably not at issue. Even if it has none. Neither do food dyes, but we still eat things with those. And I've never heard a JW tell you you can't eat a cupcake with blue or green frosting.

    I think, for every knock on marijuana, you can find equivalent things that they allow. So the only thing barring it was that it was illegal. But now it's not in some states. And not just medicinal, recreational.

    But that's what I was looking for. Has the legalization changed their position and I guess not. Medicinal, OK. Recreational, NO.

    True, like DesirousofChange says, there's that whole spiritism factor some of them believe in. And it's still going to be considered a vice to them.

    I would love to see the GB high all the time. Imagine how things would change for the better? Disfellowshipping, gone. Blood transfusions? Yes. And imagine the crazy new Revelation book they'd write.

  • Diogenesister

    Oh yeah I can see

    Greeks ( boo hiss) = intellectuals = Pharmakia = Spiritism


    Masturbation =covetousness = idolatory

    Yup...same cock-eyed logic So I can believe it!!

    See: jwfacts.com on Masturbation

    ( more like mass- perturbation!

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