return of the prodical son (daughter)

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  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    What an incredible story! Many digital hugs to you and all the support you can handle! May all the happiness, satisfaction, peace, love and adventure available come your way! Best wishes!

  • garybuss

    Hi Jill,

    On the subject of shunning. . . . My brother, my parents, and most of my relatives as well as many in-laws shun and snub me. At first it bothered me. Now I'm happy that they do. It's a gift that keeps on giving. They were disruptive, manipulative, and a drain financially and emotionally. My non Witness family and I are now free to establish rituals to bring the family together. We are much closer and we have a healthier life. We speak our opinions without fear of censure, we celebrate each other's birthdays if we wish, we go see a psychologist if we want to, we take all modern medical treatment as we wish without ever thinking of ancient Jewish tribal superstitions.

    I don't try to contact those who chose to shun me, I want it to continue. GaryB

    The Way I See it

  • Yesterdays Child
    Yesterdays Child


  • caligirl

    You made some excellent observations in your post. Your insight into why you did the things you did ( fulfilling prophesy) is so clear. I am glad that you were able to see through all of that and realize that you do not have to continue down that road and that you can have a fulfilling life without all the guilt and fear, both very powerful controllers. Welcome to the board! I look forward to reading more from you.

  • jgnat

    Wonderful story, thebeliever. It seems to me, that you have finally learned how to believe in yourself.

  • onacruse

    Hi Jill

    You can't wrap this world up in a neat little package of understanding.

    That's one of my daily growing experiences, because it goes against everything I was raised as a JW to believe. It felt so comfy to think I had all the answers (thanks to the WTS, of course , as well as my left-brainedness). To suddenly realize that I had hardly any real answers at all was extremely unnerving!...actually, it was downright scary. That fear of "unknowability" held me back for many years.

    To be at a point now where I can be at peace with my own beliefs, and yet have no desire to impose those beliefs on others, or to condemn others for their "error"...well, it's simply amazing how different life is now, eh?


  • Swan

    Welcome Jill!

    That's a very poignant story. It's too bad you needed to go back to prove it wasn't you, but now you know that you're okay after all.


  • Valis

    Hi Jill! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the board! I've been where you have been...the depest of pits and sometimes you think...well maybe going back to the hall would help...and then you go and see you aren't so screwed up after all...*LOL* Welcome once again.


    Dsitrict Overbeer

  • Loris

    Welcome Jill. Happy to see that you found what is important to believe in - yourself.

    Yes the story was long but if you had left any part of it out we would have missed so much. Thanks for being long winded.

    Be so very thankful that you woke up from the really bad dream so early in life. Some of us were not so fortunate. But that does not prevent even us oldsters from kicking up our heels in delight at our freedom.


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