And finally I'm out

by Skepsis 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Confusedalot

    Good for you Skepsis! All the best for the future.

    For anyone reading this that are still in the org, I know that you have been taught that the freedom talked about in the posts here, the freedom from restrictions and obligations etc are the same that was offered to Eve in the garden. But I can assure you that its not the same. How close can you get to the true God or truth if people and organisations are always a middle man? Many ex-JW's were happy in the org but could never shake the feeling of a distance between them and God or truth, and this is because organisations and people occupy this gap for their own continued existence, profit or to ease their own fears. (sometimes well meaning)

    Sometimes freedom means shaking the influence of organisations and people, getting closer to spirit and to truth. For some this means finding a loving heavenly father, and for others it may be answers in reason and logic. They then find that distance or emptiness disappears, and at last they find peace.

    All the best to those who seek.

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