last psychology session tomorrow

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    From one who did the same thing congratulations. The tools your psychotherapist gave you will serve you will for a life time. It has been ten years since I went to a therapist and I still use some of those tools given to me to cope with certain feelings. Remember knowledge is power and what the cult did to us in my mind is unforgivable. Wish you the best and enjoy your new freedom. Still Totally ADD

  • DesirousOfChange

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Many of us lost the best years of our lives on the JW hamster wheel. I feel both foolish and angry about that. We were duped. I consider my wife and I and our children fortunate, because we have all awakened. Our children and grandchildren will never be on the hamster wheel. They will go to School. They will have great opportunity in their lives.

    As far as your abusive brother, I think you should tell him to confess and resign or report him to the authorities. unfortunately, in his position as a JW Elder he has many opportunities to harm other unsuspecting minors.

    Good luck to you!

    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!

  • freddo

    Well done Phoebe. So very well done!

  • Phoebe

    Thank you everyone, your beautiful, kind words have brought me to a good way.

    I am so proud to be associated with you all. You are good people. Caring people. You have shown me more support and compassion than I ever got in 50 years as a JW. You gave me the strength to do this. Thank you all so very much.

    Wish I could hug you all.


  • Awakenednow

    Xoxoxo Phoebe! You are very courageous. I'm happy you were able to to get solid help and am grateful and encouraged by your story.

  • Alive!

    Look at you ! 💐💐💐

    From another 60 odd year old who is also growing anew after many years living an unhealthy mix of low self evaluation coupled with high level anxiety to be 'loved' and accepted 🙂

  • flipper

    Phoebe- Just wanted to send you these from me and my wife today -

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    So happy for you, Phoebe ! I'm delighted to count you as a cyber friend and hope we meet one day.

    I agree with DesirousofChange. Report your abusive brother if he doesn't resign as a elder.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    I completely agree with all prior commentary! What a powerful story! You have traversed a very difficult and winding road to get where you are today and you've survived! What an amazing set of experiences!

    You've told us all how the Cult is able to bring one into compliance with its control mechanisms and how incredibly difficult it is to even think about seeking professional help, let alone actually doing it! Yes, thank you for candidly revealing the depths of your subjugation to the mind control overtures of the Cult and allowing us all to appreciate how you were ultimately able to break free!

    Let us hope that many will read your story and follow in your footsteps!

  • Crazyguy

    What were some of the things the therapist did are said that helped to wake you ? One would think that a soon as the therapist did anything towards your JW mind set or beliefs a JW would run for the door?

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