Child trafficking issues in India

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  • humbled

    purrpurr- When you read the histories of trafficked children the traffickers need a victim who will be silent or ignored.

    blankspace wrote— As far as I am aware, this group ( the PIMOs)trying to get help for these children)is having a hard time convincing victims to testify. To begin with, there is the problem of social stigma even if you're not a JW. So if it's known that a boy or girl was abused, they become "used goods" here. The girl's life is over and the boy is labeled as being weak.

    So these children are very available for exploitation.

  • purrpurr

    Humbled, yes I know they are ripe for exploitation but what I meant was how are they being trafficked in the jw congs?

  • Corney

    purrpurr, there is no child trafficking, only another moral panic (or even the Indian equivalent of blood libel). As blankspace wrote,

    With this being said, there's been a spurt fake videos that have gone viral - these videos claim that there are child traffickers in the area. Because of these videos, there've been a number of lynchings and deaths of innocent people. This has especially happened in villages - they didn't even spare an older woman. Now since JWs go out in twos, they look pretty suspicious. And since they're urged to speak to even little children, they look even more suspicious. I believe they've come under the scanner primarily because of this. I don't think there's trafficking in India but there definitely is a lot of child abuse in the organization.

    Some recent headlines:

    Indian mob kills transgender woman over fake rumors spread on WhatsApp

    Two men are the latest to be lynched in India because of false rumours spread on WhatsApp accusing victims of kidnapping children

    Rumors of child-kidnapping gangs and other WhatsApp hoaxes are getting people killed in India

  • humbled
    Trafficking of Child and women is a serious concern prevalent in India. According to a report published by the US Department of State, India is the source, destination and transit country for human trafficking who then get involved in forced labor and sex trafficking. The statistics of the Ministry of Women and Child Development states that 19,223 women and children were trafficked in 2016 against 15,448 in 2015.

    Corney— the above is from a longer article on the subject.

    The vigilantism that has grown in response to the increase in India’s sex crimes is terrifying. The failure of the citizens and their government to examine and dismantle the deep class divides and the misogyny that lives along side it reminds us in every country to deal with human rights abuse openly, throughly and swiftly.

    India is a wildfire of sex abuse and paranoia.

    purrpurr— l don’t know the process by which the supposed trafficking is done in Indian KH. Maybe the posters from lndia know what is or is not occurring?

  • Corney

    I surely didn't mean there is no child trafficking in India at all. This thread is mostly about rumours, not real crimes, that's what I meant. And I don't see any reason to trust such rumours, especially in a country like India with all its anti-conversion laws, mob attacks, and other manifestations of religious intolerance.

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