Do you miss the Kingdom Melodies?

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  • blondie

    Hey matty,

    Of all of the submissions, only one song actually made it to the Sing Praises book without being completely butchered by the Brooklyn Bethel writing department – you see, any submission by any brother or sister is automatically deemed as WTBTS property to do what they will.

    I knew that matty and that they were butchered. It is the same principle that the most "spiritual" brother is put in charge of a building project who has neither the experience or knowledge and more importantly does not have the humility to admit it.

    Blondie (who has met a few JW musical geniuses over the years whose talents were wasted or dumbed down)

    (who wished for years that the KHs had choirs)

    (was told she couldn't sing the harmony at the KH although it was in the old songbooks for all to see)

  • crownboy

    From time to time those songs will pop up in my head as well, and I may even whistle the tune out loud.

    While I never cried at baptism songs, during my believing days, whenever song No. 13 would play, I would remember my baptism day and feel a tinge of emotion in me, all filled up with holy spirit I guess . I've noticed lately the Society is using weird baptism songs that I haven't seen used before. Usually it used to be a rotation between songs 202, 13 and 152.

    These days song 13 is just one of the songs I whistle ever so often. ("Because Jehovah created the universe so grand...")

  • pamkw

    The only thing I really loved about the church I used to go to was the music. The pastor used to be in a rock band. They were loud and it was great. But I don't miss the KM, they are sad little songs that never got to grow up.


  • czarofmischief

    Does anyone want to give the WTS the "Efficacious" award for helping to keep the word "Efficacious" alive?

    Think, six million people singing a word at least four time a year.

    Does anybody remember that song?


  • La Capra
    La Capra

    The music never moved me, and I was disappointed when they moved to tapes from someone playing the piano. But, once I left, the VERY first thing I did was join the university chorus. I couldn't wait to sing. To sing hymns, spirituals and masses with others who knew what they were doing, with a real live conductor shaping our performance was a more spiritual experience for me than any song that I ever sang at the Kingdom Hall. It was chorus that put meaning into singing prayers for me. Yet another clue that JWs weren't it for me. Shoshana

  • Euphemism
    Does anybody remember that song?

    In a land that's broad and spacious
    There's a people, bright vivacious
    Something something, something acious
    In their service they are efficacious

    Something something something sighing
    Truth from God they are now buying [rather apt, don'tcha think?]
    something something else

    So come you people, rejoice!
    With God's nation give voice
    To the life-giving message so grand

    Bow down to God on his throne
    Make his worship your own
    On the side of his kingdom take your stand!

    Thanks a lot, Czar.

  • Panda

    I think I heard something that sounded like KM in my head , but then my voices said not to listen.

  • ozziepost

    Do you miss the Kingdom Melodies?



  • smack

    miss em? can't remember any of em.

    that dope in the 80's worked a treat :)

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Hell YES, and that itchy, scaly, rash I had too!

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