Alternative witnessing

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  • Zyron

    Those of us still attending meeting are actively encouraged to use out tablets or smartphones to direct people to

    How about, after doing the standard presentation casually say to householder, you can also look at this forum to read of experiences of life as a JW as well as the official version?

    Obviously you need to be working by yourself or with a PIMO JW.

  • punkofnice

    That's an amusing idea. I would imagine the reality of it would more than likely be that the householder(tm) wouldn't be bothered about either website.

    No one outside the bOrg is really all that interested in the religion their batty old aunt belongs to.

  • EverApostate

    I think people are smart and wont bother. Its all us, who had been duped by the CULT, think it would make a difference.

  • carla

    If you were brilliant enough you could make a flash of "Help, I am stuck in this cult! Do not go to jw dot org. You may risk losing life and family if you do. Please do not let my jw partner know you saw this. Thank you." It would flash fast and if you kept your device tilted just so your jw 'friend' would not even see it.

    Well, something more clever but you get the idea.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You little devil Zyron! but what a good idea.

    It would probably be best for those rare individuals who have been taking the Watchtower bait like Bible studies or someone who is actually showing an interest.

  • steve2

    You mean you'd have enough experiences where householders or passersby would be interested enough to check out anything online about JWs?

    I would think the bigger problem the JWs face is the fact that the public is just not that interested in JW organization period, whether this forum or the official one. Perhaps there is more interest in your part of the world?

  • truthlover123

    With all the child abuse cases gaining momentum in Canada via Trey Bundy and his class actions suit and the Wall investigation, any thinking JW would be ashamed to knock on a door or accost someone on the street....

    GB has no shame.....

    I believe CBC reported the Bundy suit...

  • scratchme1010

    That's a good idea. It reminds me of my first wordly friend. He was someone I was giving bible studies, and I started going by myself and one day i just told him that I am leaving the JWs. He then told me that he suspected that of me, and started asking real questions, and I started giving him real answers. He became a great friend.

    So yes, counterpreaching works.

  • Dunedain

    @ Scratchme1010 - That's a really cool experience you mentioned here. I think its awesome that you met, and still have a great friend, this way. It must have been VERY therapeutic for you, and him, to finally talk FREELY, and have a REAL honest discussion.

    I can see how that experience could bond two people in friendship. In fact, I had a similar experience, and friendship. It really goes to show that having a "by the book" JW study with someone, is NOT an honest, and real discussion. Instead, its a fake, contrived parroting of words, with NO real substance. Once you and your friend realized you were FINALLY having a REAL discussion for the first time, it must have bonded you guys for life, AWESOME.

  • shepherdless

    Surely the best “alternative” witness would be to just appear bored, unenthusiastic, going through the motions, and unengaged. If you want to go the extra mile, be cringy and awkward. In other words, just act like you are a member of a group that nobody would want to join, and with nothing interesting to say.

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