The Governing Body Doing The Math As Corporate CEOs

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  • Drearyweather
    My big curiosity is this : I wonder how much of that 2 billion $$$$ is being deposited by the WT Society in off shore bank accounts where it can be hidden in the Cayman Islands or some other secret location ? It's a question I feel that begs an answer. If only I was a fly on the wall. Perhaps something to research - if anything can be discovered.

    I wonder too. Did Ray Franz ever write anything on financial fraud within the WT? He was the member of the GB and a regular attendee of the Annual Meeting and had access to financial situation too.

    Doesn't any ex-bethelite over here know if funds are swindled away?

  • Bugbear

    I think that good old Italian bookkeeping is the principle here. There are two sides of the business. The first side is income statement, and the other is balance sheet. The first is showing cash coming in and going out.. The other shows the overall result and the total assets that the Company/business has achieved during a longer period.

    I think that the money from all these “sell outs” is immediately transferred to The Watchtower INC. in Pennsylvania (the off shore bank accounts where it can be hidden in the Cayman Islandsis not needed here, WT inc. is already registrated as a tax liberated Inc. ) , and their capital trustees specialists, consolidating the watchtower treasure funds such as the Henrietta Riley fond and others. These people are eager to increase their fond values, because they normally get paid in percent of the increasing value.

    I don´t know if any of the GB members is invited to eat a bit of this good cake, but I do know that this corporation is registered as a none profitable organization and therefore tax exempted according to US law. This is the same layout as those in Panama papers and recently the Malta/paradise papers.

  • Jayk
    Right now they probably save alot of money because of social media and jw.or. they don't have to make as many publication, they can just give someone a jw.or card and send them to the website.. realisticly they're probably doing something dirty and now are trying to make up for it. I have a family member who makes about 200k a year helping people handle there retirement who is currently a witness. He could probably tell them whats going on real fast.
  • jwleaks

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