Do JWs buy old JW books to destroy?

by mickbobcat 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mickbobcat

    I have never heard of this but I doubt its never been done. I sell some older JW books on Etsy and have always been a bit afraid that some JWs are buying them to destroy. If you have heard of this let me know.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Probably to brag about their heritage. Nothing like loaded shelves of books of many colors for a zoom backdrop.

  • waton

    they were given away at kingdom halls, when they cleaned out the libraries. picked up 3 "proclaimer" books.

  • Biahi

    I’m sure some buy them to destroy “evidence.”

  • Diogenesister

    Just be careful with any particularly rare books, or notorious books ...such as the Watchtower with all the (now deceased) class of 1914, that '7shall not pass away'. Or the 1969 AWAKE! with the infamous "stay Alive 'till 75" announcement.

    I think anything like that perhaps you should offer to collectors on here or Reddit, to Kimmy, Lloyd, Rick Fearon or Atlantis etc etc People you know are buying to preserve etc

  • mickbobcat

    Not sure what is going on with the vendor on ebay. I cancelled the order but said if you do have a 1934 year book or a 47 BV Awake I would take that. They have yet to reply and simply sent a package and never replied. So I am not sure what is going on. If they just sent a book and no contact its going back. I waned the Life book but its not worth 17 bucks.

  • Simon
    been a bit afraid that some JWs are buying them to destroy

    What do you care? Take their money!

    IMO it isn't a lack of awareness or knowledge about things the WTS has printed in the past that prevents current JWs waking up. i.e. it's not like you can waft a real book under their nose and they'll suddenly believe and acknowledge what you have been telling them, so the value of these books is probably limited.

    Look at it as disposable income that won't be donated to the WTS.

    Take the money.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Take the money.

    Or, if you've noticed the food shelves in the grocery store lately, along with prices in general, you may want to hold onto them as an alternate heating or TP source.

  • punkofnice
    I have never heard of this

    Neither have I but people are mental.

    I'd say most Jobos will collect for their 'spiritual' library.

  • skin
    I'd say most Jobos will collect for their 'spiritual' library.

    Those were big in the 90s, early 2000s. We used to brag about library size, kind of a sign of how spiritual we were. Not anymore. All needed literature is available for download from the HQ website. Everything else is now old light. It didn't help when the branch had a letter read out about 6 years ago asking for all old publications to be returned to them. I was put under a lot of pressure from my JW family to dump my old literature.

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