Anyone go on a cruise?

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  • NewYork44M

    Just finished a 7-day cruise from NYC on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL- GEM). This is my first cruise in 30 years, so my past experience does not count.

    Overall, a great experience. NCL does a great job. We were with a group of 12 people and all got along.

    Stops included Florida Cape Canaveral (I did not get off the boat), Sturrip Bay (an NCL owned island), and Nassau. We had plenty of time floating on the sea eating like pigs.

    I would do it again, but probably not for a few years. Does anyone have hints or suggestions? I have a few, but would like to see other insights.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    It has never actually appealed to me, but then each to their own! That being said, my wife and I have agreed to next year join a friend on a cruise to mark his 60th birthday.

  • Listener

    I've been on two very short cruises on the Star Virgo and a couple of years ago, we were lucky enough to travel on the QM II, that was some experience. We travelled for 31 days from Perth, Australia to the UK, travelling around Africa. It was one of the most romantic things we had done.

    We made the booking about 4 months before the date of departure as we found a really cheap offer.

    We both felt that a two week cruise was probably long enough. An inside cabin is okay but on a longer cruise you're not getting as much fresh air as you would with a balcony cabin.

    We got plenty of excercise by taking the stairs and taking walks around the decks. We ate much more than usual without putting on weight but hardly touched anything made with flour and no rice or potatoes. There's too many delicious and healthy choices without filling up on those carbohydrates.

    There was a nasty flu going around and just about everyone on the boat caught it at one stage, we had brought some antibiotics with us and a few other medicines, including sea sickness tablets.

    I would not recommend it for people who are prone to motion sickness.

  • scratchme1010

    Never had the opportunity. I travel, but it's never occurred to me to try a cruise.

    I'm glad you had fun.

  • moomanchu

    We did the exact same cruise you did but with the NCL Breakaway. We had a balcony room, which is a must in my opinion you can't beat sunrise and sunset from your room.

    I will probably do one more to Bermuda but overall it's not my thing. Wherever you go you take your own crowd of people. Rooms and bathrooms are like a camper, hallways to rooms are cramped, dining area is cramped, pool on boat is small, sun bathing is cramped, I know space is limited.

    All-inclusive vacations are way better in my opinion. I like to get the traveling part done and enjoy the destination, cruising makes you feel like you never get done traveling.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I enjoy cruises. I was in the Navy for 6 years and never thought I would cruise. The wife talked me into one from Galveston to Mexico and Belize with friends. That was Carnival. I loved it. Since then, we did Hawaii on Royal Caribbean, Alaska on Princess, and the Caribbean on Carnival out of San Juan. Princess had a great "British" atmosphere. I rather enjoyed the "fun" atmosphere of Carnival. Royal Caribbean has pretty much taken away discounts and I would have to be lured by some kind of deal, otherwise- their food was the best.

    I like seeing different places in the daytime, going on one grand excursion and then getting back to the ship. We dined in the main dining room on just about all of our cruises and rarely did the cafeteria style.

    I view itineraries on vacationstogoDOTcom to see how long they are in port, where they go, what the discounts are. I only booked thru them once as I typically found agents bids better after I found a cruise by going to cruisecompeteDOTcom. where they would send offers that included excursions of various types or cabin-upgrades.

  • NewYork44M

    I am not sure we will do another cruise anytime soon but, under the right circumstances, I could easily be talked into getting on a boat again.

    Has anyone cruised to Bermuda? That seems like an interesting destination, especially from NYC.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    We've been on several, all but one in the Caribbean. My thoughts:

    3 days is too short, two weeks too long, 7-10 days about right.

    Enjoy the main dining area.

    Seek out where the musicians are and at what times. It's surprising how good some of them are.

    Spend the money and effort to take excursions in the daytime to see some things in each port. It's cool so get to see so many different things in such a short time.

    We haven't been on one in about 5 years, its about time.

    Edited to add, Get a balcony room.

  • tiki

    We've been on several celebrity cruise line. I love it...the best for me is daily stops in different ports and taking the excursions. Also love to have a room with private veranda....get hair done, massages....great bargains on jewelry onboard stores....and just being on the ocean...nothing like it!!!

  • NewYork44M

    Where is the best site to get a good deal on a cruise? We went through a travel agent. In retrospect, I did not think the travel agent created any value. Are there good web sites where you can find cruise deals?

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