Television segment on JWs and the Australian Redress Scheme

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  • Vidiot
    Fadeaway1962 - "...not even an apology for covering up and failing to report..."

    'Course not.

    An apology would be tantamount to admitting there was a problem, that it was their fault the problem existed, and that the application of their so-called "Biblical" standards made said problem worse rather than better...

    ...none of which can be acknowledged (from their POV), because admissions of that nature would too deeply undermine their claims of divine exclusivity and authority in the eyes of the membership.

    The fiction of "God's Earthly Organization" must be reinforced at all costs, because...

    a) ...despite what any loyalists may insist, being an active, dutiful JW isn't really all that pleasant, so without that distinction, there's virtually no incentive to stay...

    ...and more importantly...

    b) the Org's own internal standards, without that distinction they are - by definition - a "false religion", and therefore have no right to even exist.

  • AndersonsInfo
  • Listener

    Good news, the Project have reported that the Social Services Minister has said that the Branch faces sanctions if they don't join the Redress Scheme.

  • joe134cd

    They are finished in Oz.

  • Fadeaway1962

    What does it mean for the org and k/halls when they lose the charity status ?

  • skin

    They are finished in Oz

    No, very unlikely. This media attention only reinforces in the minds of JWs that their WT teaching is true, that the governments will turn of true religion, an event JWs have been warned about from their leaders for some time now, an event that supports the idea that the end is very very near. Since the GB's warning are coming true in this instance, JWs are continually told to remain loyal to the organization and not allow the lies of Satan's media to cause them to miss out on everlasting life. How sad that would be.

  • menrov
    reinforces in the minds of JWs that their WT teaching is true, that the governments will turn of true religion

    It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy in the WT behaves. The more they show their real nature, the more governments might limit the freedom of the WT. Not because of the government but because of the WT themselves.

  • Vidiot

    @ skin & menrov...

    Ah, but there's a problem with that.

    The WTS's eschatology is very specific; "Babylon the Great" - aka "false religion" - is supposed to be attacked and destroyed first...

    ...and only after all its various iterations are eliminated does the "Wild Beast" and "Satan's World" turn their attention on "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization".

    They've never diverted from that.

    Sure, the Org leadership might try and spin it the way you guys describe, but this is a significant departure from their End Times script that could create a tremendously difficult theological dilemma...

    ...either they were very, very wrong about their understanding of Revelation, begging the question "WTF else are they wrong about?"...


    ...they themselves are part of "Babylon the Great".

  • Vidiot


    ...I wouldn't put it past a quietly and increasingly desperate (as a result of facing multiple crises) WT leadership to try and passive-aggressively provoke Satan's World into cracking down on them early anyway, in the hopes that Jehovah would step in and bail them out by kicking off the Great Tribulation (remember, all the available anecdotal evidence we have indicates that the guys at the top really are full-on True Believers).

    And if that didn't work... well...

    ...every other authoritarian regime in history has preferred to crash-and-burn rather than capitulate to their opponents.

  • shepherdless

    Well, JWs in Aust are clearly talking about it. My wife didn’t actually see The Project episode, but she heard about it, not from me, but from someone in the borg.

    She also sent me a copy of that press release which (in her mind) justifies not joining the redress scheme.

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