Jehovah GOD a failed GOD in many respects.

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  • smiddy3

    Isn`t there enough evidence to acknowledge the God of the Bible has been a failure ?According to WT / JW teachings ?

    A God that has supposed to have created the visible universe and everything in it ?

    Some points where I would challenge that from an earthlings point of view using the Bible if only in paraphrase.

    Doesn`t God create everything Perfect ? Including the Angels ? and humans ? We know why humans fell short out of their perfection according to WT/ Bible ,ultimately because of deception by an Angel designated as Satan .

    Isnt that a failure ?

    While Satan figures prominently in the Bible ,he was not the only Angel to rebel was he . According to the Bible ,didn`t a third of the Angels side with Satan ? and reject Jehovah as GOD ALMIGHTY ?

    Isn`t that a failure ?

    Just how Almighty is Jehovah God if allowing Satan to come before him on his heavenly throne after rebelling against him for hundreds of years and he still converses with him ,and even allows him to test one of Gods loyal subjects ?

    Isn`t that a failure ?

    Then hundreds of years later Satan is allowed to test the son of God Jesus and even spend time with him upon a mountain together .

    Isn`t that a failure ?

    Armageddon is supposed to happen any day soon now when Satan is to be abyss`d for a thousand years ,but after Satan is to be let loosed upon earth once again to mislead many more people as he can ,( wasn`t the first six thousand years enough? ) apparently not .

    Another failure ?

    Humans are supposed to be lower than the Angels right ? In all of this time who on the scale of justice do you think got the short end of the stick..?

    What sufferering`s deprivation ,indignitarie,s ,pain and loss of life ,diseases and death ,did any rebellious Angel ever go through ?

    Your thoughts, criticism would be appreciated .

  • Rafe

    One poignant failure might be about Jesus and his new kingdom order not returning to " this generation " to which he spoke to himself.

    If Jesus was perfect and could not tell a lie, who did ?

    I'm sure Jehovah had this ready and was posed to take action or Jesus wouldn't have said that .

  • truth_b_known

    From the Watchtower side of things I ask - "Why do 144,000 humans have to give up their humanity to undo Satan's dirty work if Jehovah purposed humans to live on earth forever?"

    From the other side of the Christianity coin I ask - "If God's original purpose was for humans to live forever on earth why do the faithful now go to heaven?"

    Either way Satan foiled God's purpose for mankind to live on earth forever.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Doesn`t God create everything Perfect ? Including the Angels ? and humans ? We know why humans fell short out of their perfection according to WT/ Bible ,ultimately because of deception by an Angel designated as Satan .

    Isnt that a failure ?

    My take: God is love. Love cannot be demanded. It must be given. That requires free-will. True free will requires the possibility of evil, rejection etc. Creating the conditions necessary for love is a good and perfect thing in the end, even if costly.

  • smiddy3


    How can you or anybody else for that matter say that God is love ? Examining the historical evidences of the Bible if they were even true, and the history of humankind ?

    So what you seem to be implying is that there can be no "paradise" that God intended because some Angels and some humans will always rebel against a Theocratic Rule ,whereby Jehovah will have to kill them off.

    Isn`t that a fail ?

  • punkofnice

    Nowhere in the Bible is slavery condemned. Even Paul said something like, 'be a good slave'.

    I wonder how the 'woke' attention seekers would react to this?

    I challenge anyone to show where, in the Bible, it actually says that owning another person is wrong.

    We know it's wrong, so we must be more moral than Jehovah(tm).

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze


    I only see three choices regarding sin and death:

    1. God can enable it by forever letting it happen

    2. God could make it impossible through instinctual programming and loss of free will

    3. God can judge sin

    Do you see ANY another possibility?

  • punkofnice

    If the Bible is the inerrant 'word of God', then why doesn't it state things clearly and in a way that no one can mistake. After all, if God is so all knowing, he'd have made sure of this.

    Why did he get the Bible written in a language that would become almost obsolete? Surely it wouldn't have inconvenienced God to ensure the language survived and his wishes were clear.

    The God of the Bible is a Mafia boss. 'Serve me or I'll kill you. I lovingly give you 'free will to do what you want', but if you do, I'll murder you.

    the God of the Bible is an abuser. Perhaps that's why the GB follow this example. God is the anti-typical Joseph Fritzel.

  • smiddy3


    God supposedly gave humans free choice , but there was a catch to it .If they used that free choice to not follow God they would be killed !

    Doesn`t really sound like a free choice to me that anyone would take.

    God`s definition of sin is anybody who disagrees with him .

    The God of the Bible is a Dictator who you must obey or die.

    Free will does`nt come into it without dire consequences for you.

  • EverApostate

    Jehovah is perfect. And he cannot sin.

    How can an Epitome of perfection create humans who can sin and loose perfection ?

    Why didnt he create humans incapable of sinning ? Many excuse that with Free will. Doesnt Jah have free will and cant sin at the same time. How about that.

    Nowhere in the Bible is slavery condemned

    Not only that, it allows the slave owners to beat their slaves. The Bible can be banned for this one reason

    Exodus 21

    20 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

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