Parents who try to make you feel guilty.

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  • NJ501

    Thanks all your your responses, it helps a lot. :)

  • zeb

    "you do nothing for us in return."..

    Similarly..If we had not dropped in on my parents in the month we made special effort. Mother would invariably say no one ever calls. As you left she would offer you a big box of apples from bro etc. who grows them, but no one ever calls or some wine from bro and sis etc. but no one ever calls or it was books b.n.e.c.

    How often I have read here of wt mothers who seek to dominate the lives of their offspring and sympathise with them as they are getting on with their own lives with their own kids but also both working as today they have too as wages are not there to provide and don't need the wt bs about materialism, etc. Especially when elders are building their latest 'Mc Mansion' and we were trying to provide a the dead basics of a house.

    and this comes out of the modus operandi of the wt of keeping everyone in harness by shovelling guilt onto them.

  • LisaRose

    You could point out that Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door trying to convince people to leave the religion they were raised in and don't care that it may hurt their parents, because they believe that it doesn't matter what religion you were raised in, you should follow what you believe is the truth. You are simply following your own conscience, since you no longer believe that what the Watchtower teaches is the truth.

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