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  • Listener

    I heard this on the Youtube Channel - Bad JW round table discussions and I normally don't give much thought to rumours, I did find this one interesting.

    One of the guys on the Channel said that there are plans that 'the other sheep' will be told not to attend any future memorials.

    He was asked how credible was this and he said that it is talk going around by those in the know, just like there had been those that knew about the fairly recent new edition of the Bible being in production.

    Even if this is probably just a rumour, the idea has a lot of merit. The benefits for the organization outweigh the negatives and would fit in with their current direction.

    Here are some of the benefits, for the org. that could come from it

    - the biggest benefit would come from not having to accommodate so many attendants, which are more than double a normal meeting. Since they are reducing the number of KH's and amalgamating congregations it takes of a great deal of pressure and allows them to close more Halls than would be possible.

    - they can spin it to create a real (albeit perceived) sense of urgency. They say that the memorial will end on Jesus' return. They could cut the requirement for the 'other sheep' to attend by saying that there is no longer a need for them to attend in support of the anointed because the end is so close anyway and it won't be much longer before it stops altogether.

    - it would solve the problem of the increased numbers of those partaking. It would be a reason not to count the numbers and those not attending would be none the wiser as to any increases or decreases. It may discourage any new partakers who would only be observed by a small number of other partakers anyway.

    - in places like Russia, where meeting together is banned it would take off a lot of pressure in arranging meetings to what was once the most important event of the year

    - no more printing of millions of invitations

    - I would think that the number of JWs who are questioning their non participation in the memorial is increasing given that us apostates discuss it with JWs, more so around the memorial season, either when they come to our doors or online. Likening it to the Black Mass by passing around the emblems and physically rejecting them must do some damage

    - it might explain why they printed speculation that the memorial a couple of years ago could be their last

    On the negative side

    - they could no longer claim that there are 20 million 'interested persons'

    - it will shock some (maybe many) JWs who always thought it was a biblical requirement rather than an invitation from the anointed/GB but given they must accept orders whether they seem impractical from a human viewpoint, it shouldn't be too difficult for them to deal with this

    What do you guys think? Even though it seems incredible, when you consider the benefits, they might just do something like this.

  • Drearyweather
    that there are plans that 'the other sheep' will be told not to attend any future memorials.

    At least the 2018 memorial is open for everyone, and this time it is on a Saturday:

    Memorial of Jesus’ Death

    Once each year in thousands of locations worldwide, we commemorate the death of Jesus. We do so because he commanded his followers: “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) The next observance will be on:

    Saturday, March 31, 2018.

    We invite you to join us for this special occasion. This meeting, like all our meetings, is open to the public. Seats are free and no collections are ever taken.

  • stuckinarut2

    Its the biggest event on the JW calendar.

    It presents them with the opportunity for hype and activity...there is no way I can ever see it changing.

  • steve2

    This has to "qualify" as likely the lamest rumor in several years to have ever 'circulated' about impending changes in JW organization - and there have been many stupid rumours over the years.

  • ttdtt
    No chance in Hell.
  • Scully

    Another "positive" if this is actually true: Watchtower has taken away the only "holiday" JWs were ever permitted to observe/celebrate.

    The prize for The Most Boring Religion Ever goes to.......

  • ttdtt

    It's not true - its like saying - service is going to be optional.

    The source is :

    Youtube Channel - Bad JW round table discussions

    I mean come on.

  • RubaDub

    No chance in Hell.


    Yes, neither in Hades, Sheol nor Gehenna.

    That would virtually eliminate the "celebration" since the vast majority of congregations have noone of the anointed.

    Rub a Dub

  • sir82

    Not gonna happen.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Its funny but I discounted the notion of an anointed only memorial because I had a mental image of a congregation with one 89 year old participant giving the talk to no one and serving himself the emblems. It then occurred to me that with the overlappers there could be many younger ones. Its annoying how indoctrination sticks with a person. My final word on an anointed only memorial? Silly.

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