RUMOUR - Regarding future memorials

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  • blondie

    There was a time in the WTS history that all its baptized members were anointed because that was the only choice. Then in 1935 the WTS made it official that not all would be anointed, some would stay on earth who attended.

    I remember one older sister telling she was so relieved because she never felt anointed and wanted to live on earth, but that was not a choice.

    For the first 3 years, only the anointed were invited to the memorial and then in 1938, the great crowd were invited as observers only.

    The WTS has also said that eventually all the anointed would be dead and in heaven and the need for the memorial would end, so it would no longer be observed. And that through some supernatural means, everyone on earth would know the names of every individual who made it to heaven, the 144,000.

    Recently, the WTS has said that all of the anointed must be in heaven shortly after the great tribulation for the marriage of Jesus and the bride of Christ. That seems to indicate that if the end is soon, that some of the new anointed will have to die of less than natural causes.

    I have seen posters on JWN voice their suppositions with some anonymous source. But this is further out than those. But the WTS doesn't need a realistic scripture; just do what some people outside the WTS use for every occasion, John 3:16.

  • Landy

    With the increase in the number of those partaking over the last few years there'll be no room for the great crowd anyway!

  • steve2

    What Landy said:

  • sparrowdown

    I have wondered whether in the furture there would be one official memorial that would be broadcast with GB members and select bethelites. I don't think GB give a rat's about any non-bethelite annointed and will find some way to disqualify any undesirable partakers and one official televised memorial would solve a lot of problems for them re controlling the number of extra partakers etc. I think this problem of rogue annointed will have to be addressed by the org at some point, it's too embarrassing for them. And yes adjusting the requirement for observers to be there would work, no one these days converts to JWism from going to a memorial the only visitors are lapsed JWs and the r&f will just do whatever the God of nu-lite tells them to.

  • Crazyguy

    Never going to happen!!

  • smiddy

    While Jehovahs witnesses like to highlight how many people attend the Memorial celebration ,what , something like 3 times the number of active JW`s ? worldwide ,the fact is the majority of those attending are sub-mariners they only come up once or twice a year ,probably 3 times at most. And that is not a good look for the GB.

    These people are JW`s in name only

    JW`s are no better than those in christendom who only attend Xmas , Easter celebrations .and are christian in name only.

    Because of this reason I could see a change in the way the memorial is conducted .maybe they could have a video link of those "annointed" around the world who partake and the rest of JW`s around the world can observe it watching on a video stream on JW.Org from their own homes .

    It wouldnt have to be visualised ,maybe audio /visual coverage even over a couple of days seeing the different time zones around the world.

    And they can still blow their own trumpet by saying how many tuned in to JW.Org on memorial night.and how many partakers their were if they so desired .

  • BluesBrother

    No way are they going to ditch the biggest meeting of the year , the one that kick starts any Spring campaigns ... The Annual Memorial is a " must attend" for all dubs and those wavering will still come to that one.

    Just no point to it ....

  • dozy

    There will always be memorials , but one idea that has been floated is that the Society stop publishing the number of partakers. As the numbers increase , it is becoming really embarrassing & the obvious thing to do is simply to stop counting them. They have already claimed that many anointed have mental problems and the only ones who really matter anyway are the GB.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Whilst this rumour is considered just that, a wild rumour the fact still remains that at some point the large number of anointed people recorded needs addressing...years from now if there is still a large number of anointed then dubs will start to question...much like 1914.

    At some point, 1914 and the anointed numbers will need new light...

  • OrphanCrow
    BluesBrother: No way are they going to ditch the biggest meeting of the year , the one that kick starts any Spring campaigns ... The Annual Memorial is a " must attend" for all dubs and those wavering will still come to that one.

    And just think of the $$$ that the annual Memorial nets - "we don't pass a collection plate....but don't forget that we welcome donations - especially from all you who feel guilty about not attending the rest of the year".

    As long as the Memorial makes money, it will be held. When it is no longer profitable, the doctrine will change. After all, that is where "divine inspiration' comes from - the org's god - $$$$$$$

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