What did you think of "Simplification" ???

by Swan 30 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Gadget
    I was sad to see the hot meals go, but I understood that it was probably better, since so many volunteers were missing part of the talks to help out...

    That was the best bit! All our family used to work in the food prep area and we just carried on working during the sessions. Even after dinner there was normally still some jobs to do, and if not we were well away from the stadium so were able to mess around with all the other young ones there instead of having to pay attention.

    When they introduced the simplified arrangement for liturature we worked out that if we done it the way they wanted it then, in theory, they would get paid twice for the liturature. We were encouraged to make donations for each bit of liturature we picked up, so we paid for it, and then we had to encourage the householder to make a donation(Its not free, its without charge...) and if they did then this had to go in the box too.

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