May 22 1969 Awake!

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  • wannaexit

    They can remove it from their online library, but they can't remove it from the print bound volumes, which many of us own. There is no hiding. bastards!!!

  • NotNew

    Yes they are despicable...what would expect from a cowardly group of men? They are trying everything they can to hide-bury their past failed predictions. I have the original bound volume and showed it to a few in the past...most saying "that was old thoughts". Not able to grasp the full impact of what this teaching had. That's the power of a cult!


  • HappyDad

    Removed from public access!

    This is why someone mentioned that the printed material must not be thrown away. Oh yes, the WT doesn't want to keep the old literature because it shows how corrupted and wrong they have always been.

    We can be very thankful that some in the ranks of exJW's have put many hours into the work of archiving all of the WT crap online. Unfortunately, the rank and file and especially the younger generation doesn't have a clue as to what was actually taught.

    It seems that the WT reinvents itself for each new generation that comes along.

    Now I know a JW in the very late 1960's through the 1990's, I wondered why some older ones just stopped associating even though their health was still good. They recognized the bull shit!


    1969 was a memorable year for me - I was growing Pubes and the girls became curvy and a bunch of older kids in the US had a huge Festival at Yasgars Farm !

  • Spiral

    Can someone post a picture of this article?

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    May we have a moment of silence for those who thought they would not pass away and hop and skip right into paradise after the great tribulation that was ever so close!

  • Spiral

    Wait! If you google 1969 Awake bound volume it comes up in Google images. HMMMMMM

    Handy to have!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hmm 1969.

    i was 21--not long married-- a min servant---the magazines--ge

    rrr----still wasting my life pioneering--but not for much longer!.. i quit the cult in 71.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Yeah, I was 11 when this was printed. Sadly, I bought it hook, line and sinker. No college for me.

  • laverite

    Wow, 47 years ago. No wonder so many JWs have spent their lives in dead end jobs. Teenagers reading that then would have faced pressure from their families, congregations, etc. to not pursue a career, but to find something to get by until Armageddon. So very sad. Those people are now retirement age. Some have little in the way of financial security for their old age. So very sad.

    The guys in Brooklyn should be held responsible for selling such BS. Too many people fell for it. It didn't just impact the ones who bought the Kool-aid hook line and sinker, but also their families. So many family relationships lost. So many lives dedicated to a man-made organization that hasn't a clue as to the actual truth; instead, they've fabricated their own Truthâ„¢.

    When I was a young person, I had a secret dream: All through high school I dreamed of going to college. I got out on my own at 18, as terrifying as that was. And it really was terrifying. But, it was the best thing I ever did. I went to a great university and supported myself all the way through. Then on to grad school. I haven't taken my education or profession for granted. I wanted my education so very badly. Growing up, this just wasn't on offer. There was, in fact, some pressure to quit high school at 16, get my GED and pioneer. I held those pressures at bay by aux pioneering in summers, during holidays, etc. But once I turned 18, I was able to make my escape.

    I may have been forced to be in the bOrg for 18 years, but they didn't get one extra day out of me once I could escape. So very glad for that. But reading the OP above is a reminder of what I escaped. I remember this was the mantra pretty much at most if not all meetings, chats during field service, assemblies, etc. We heard it over and over and over again. I can picture how my life would be now if I hadn't made it out. What a sad and depressing thought.

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