What Do Elderly JWs Reminisce About When They Get Together?

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  • steve2

    Old people are allowed to be grumpy,eccentric and outspoken. I think of the old-timer JWs in my local congregation during my childhood and youth. Some of them were very critical of “the Brothers” but the Presiding Overseers and later, the elders, tolerated their ravings, seeing them as still loyal but eccentric.

    i even recall a Watchtower article or two in the late 1960s that talked about the disappointment many older ones felt as this system of things wasn’t showing any signs of imminent collapse.

    Now some fifty years later - and the end still hasn’t come. Those who were elderly back then have all died, including my JW grandparents .

    I’m now older - of course! - but not as old as my grandparents when they died . I like to imagine that current elderly JWs like those of my youth can still be outspoken and dysregulated in manner. I like to think when they get together and younger ones are not within earshot they say, “Hey, this new fangled JW org is nothing but bullshit.”

    The penny drops - but way too late to do anything constructive about it. Yet another generation of elderly JWs bites the dust realising far, far too late that their lives have been wasted, wasted, wasted.

    You spend your short life urgently putting Kingdom first, sacrificing your own legitimate needs, doing without and then you die.

    I thank my intact brain that I got out in my young adulthood and don’t have to live my final years with regrets, disappointments and disillusion.

    If you were an elderly JW getting together with other elderly JWs for a catch-up, what would your topic(s) of choice be?

  • carla

    Though I was never a jw I could see it going like this- (forgive me if I have timelines/vocabulary wrong)

    Just because it is convention season my version of the elderly goes like this-

    "Remember back in the day when our conventions were 10 days?

    yeah, the young whippersnappers today don't know how easy they have it!

    I used to spend 2 months salary getting to those darn things, not too mention having to dress the family for the occasion. Was our only vacation every year but how happified we were to be there.

    Me too! and my wife complained because she couldn't look in the mirror in the ladies room because they always covered it!

    Remember looking forward to a new book/publication every year?

    I sure do, I just can't get that excited about a new video though. Kind feel like I could of just stayed home and watched it in the comfort of my own home.

  • steve2

    Carla - lol.

    The release of new publications at conventions was HUGE back in the day. I can still conjure up in my mind the electric excitement in the air. There was a rush to areas of the convention where you could buy the latest releases just after the talks that announced them. These publications sold like hotcakes and we always bought extra copies for placing with interested persons, especially our "Bible Studies" back home).

  • ragingmad
    Me too! and my wife complained because she couldn't look in the mirror in the ladies room because they always covered it!

    What? They really did that?

  • LV101

    I think I would blather on ad nauseum how the end is any day/any moment for responses/assurances from the brothers/sisters that I'm on the right train. Anything to help ease their troubled minds. I'd want to find out if others were as certain about It as ever and what the hey happened to our hall (in the event it's been sold) that we loved.

    It's very sad they put aside their life and are still holding on. Hard to beat the W/T's promises (Bible interpretations) for everlasting life here on earth. So many lies and promises. I feel sorry for them. Perhaps it's cathartic for them in ways I'm not aware of and their lifetime friends keep them holding on. They've blown through so many hours of life. I don't think most of them are capable of facing reality but it can't be easy. I've read on here that even older ones are doubting and questioning -- that would really be something if true.

  • skin

    Anything and everything that promotes WT stories.

    Here are a few I have heard recently.

    "We are the happiest people on earth, the world look at us and wonder why they can't be happy like us".

    "Before 1914, when the world was a lovely place for people to live"

    "Buying or selling your house can only happen with Jehovahs help"

    They don't need to be elderly to hear these things, a JW of any age can say stuff like this.

  • eyeuse2badub

    yadda yadda jehovah, yadda yadda, jesus, yadda yadda governing body, yadda yadda new lite, yadda yadda parradise earth, yadda yadda yadda yadda................................

    just saying!

  • 2+2=5

    Millions once living have now died.

  • Vidiot


  • Vidiot

    And BTW...

    ...by "spanking" I mean corporal punishment (not BDSM).

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