Are hot springs and saunas approved by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    In some countries, mixed bathing in saunas and hot springs is popular, not to mention nude bathing on some beaches.

    I recall that article coming out not long after vacationing in Europe and having been to a nude beach. Seems like only in America is nudity such a "dirty" thing. (Or perhaps in the minds of "dirty old men".) Obviously, we never spoke to anyone of that part of the vacation.


  • TheWonderofYou

    I am a irregular visitor of mixed saunas. Dear me! Here in Europe the sauna sectors are sometimes more beautiful and more relaxing than the associated normal pool sector. The hotel saunas are more comfortable. There are special periods for women and men and periods for mixed sauna.

    Was it a sin if I once or twice saw nude persons? Dear me! Since I am married we irregularly visit saunas. Some older people have subscriptions and are there nearly always. I will propose to call this area "Little Corinth".

    I use the sport swimming pool, the hot spring pool and the sauna sector with salted water and 2 finish saunas, Infrared and biosauna with lights and lowtemperature and 1 vapor sauna, where I like to cream myself with honey cream or sea-salt or other natural things and wait for the steam.

    After showering I go to outer pool and how relaxing it is to swim and to look at the sky. But Dear me. There are so many nude persons going around and swimmingl ! Beautiful women I saw so many in Prague/Czech Sauna, but my wife is more beautiful.

    In my area it is not allowed to wear swimsuit in a sauna. If you go to the pool and sauna you are nude but if you go around you can hide yourself behind a towel or coat always if you like, thats no problem. Around the saunas there are areas with gras and sun lounger where you have the to get whole-body suntan.

    Here on the picture of the sauna I sometimes visit.


    Note to self: Move out of the USA. Preferably Sweden, where girls are sexy and like hot-tubbing......naked...


  • Iamallcool

    DD, let me know how it goes. LOL

  • rebel8

    I don't understand why they need to comment on this. They really need to say it out loud that they are against hanging out naked with the opposite sex? Isn't it obvious where they stand on this?

    What's next? A prohibition on tampons?

    I hate to tell you, but this has already been done at the local level! There is nothing they haven't criticized.

  • startingover

    A good friend of mine, ex Bethelite, told me about the Bethel sauna which he shared with Freddy Franz more than once, naked. If any of you would like to know what Freddy's penis looked like I'm sure I can get the info.

  • jwleaks

    I can't see the governing body turning down a visit to the Aquadome in Austria or maybe they just don't want to mix with the rank-and-file JWs.

  • wifibandit

    I can confirm there are Steam Rooms /Saunas at US Bethel facilites.

  • WTWizard

    Anything that is good for the soul is "bad" when you rely on degenerating souls to enslave them. And this goes for music (Led Zeppelin music is actually good for the soul--they ban it). And exercises. Hatha yoga--forget it. Tae Bo--"martial arts". (And yes, you can get in basic shape, reduce your injury risk, lose weight, and be better able to do day to day tasks in the process.)

    What they push is damnation. Poverty is glorified--in fact, it is a punishment, not a virtue. Hardships are also glorified, especially when they are stupid ones (living in a tiny studio apartment with no fun gadgets and a crap job). Most of their policies minimize the chance to mingle with the opposite sex--and their nurfing the Great Boasting Session to a Big Boasting Session furthers that. (Yet they are homophobic--anyone that practices that is going to see the back room.) They also want people to waste their whole day in field circus, trying to place those ugly gray damnation books and littera-trash. This is a sure way to end up with your soul degenerating, possibly to where you are unable to reincarnate and you will simply dissipate (or, end up in heaven where joke-hova will simply make a meal out of your soul).

    About the only thing they haven't banned--yet--that is good for the soul is eating meat and animal products. Even that, they are pointing to the future where we will eat nothing but fruits and grain. People need to eat at least a small amount of meat, dairy, or egg products on a regular basis to function optimally. Barring that, most people will eventually suffer. And the only thing they haven't required that is bad for the soul is smoking and drug use--which does in fact damage the soul and make it so angels can attack that much easier (and waste your money to boot).

  • raven

    Wait.. What? You have got to be kidding me..

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