Are hot springs and saunas approved by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • jwleaks

    Satan’s Snares Today

    In the main, Satan’s tricks have not changed over the centuries. In order for Christians living in the corrupt city of Corinth not to be “overreached by Satan,” the apostle Paul gave them strong counsel. He said: “We are not ignorant of [Satan’s] designs.” (2 Corinthians 2:11) . . . In some countries, mixed bathing in saunas and hot springs is popular . . . Just as in the early centuries of Christianity, Satan tries to entice God’s servants by means of worldly leisure activities.

  • smiddy

    Only if they are in their themselves with some hot chicks.


  • Heaven

    And next week... Botchtower advises that you better shower with your bathing suit on so you don't touch your privates as this can lead to masturbation (and of course, not going out in Field Serve-Us).

    Being a Jehovah's WItness = Having No Fun ... Zilch... Zero... Nada.

    Now get out there and recruit more slaves... I mean save more lives by threatening people with the ever elusive, never coming prophecy of Armageddon and how you'll never be able to live forever with all the holier-than-thou, judgmental delusional JWs petting pandas and lions on paradise Earth.

  • konceptual99

    Hahaha! Yet more nonsense in the WT. Thanks for the finding that one.

  • scratchme1010

    Satan tries to entice God’s servants by means of worldly leisure activities.

    Wordly, satanic, dirty, disgusting leisure activities! How dare they think of leisure.

    Anyway, my point with this kind of crap from them is that they are the real perverts. They are the ones adding morality to something as natural and simple as the human body and cleaning it.

  • blondie

    I never heard that in my over 45 years....I knew jws that had spas....of course, mixed bathing without swimsuits would be understandably not good except for people married to each other and not viewable by the neighbors.

    I have heard stories about jws that used them as a way to corrupt young jws....but not in the 20 plus congregations I attended.

    Could an elder body make a rule...sure...for anything

  • Divergent

    When I was in Japan, the Japanese bro's & sis's were fine with it. Bathing naked with strangers is totally acceptable in their culture

  • blondie

    But did the powers that be know ab out it and condone it publicly? The US in many ways it very straight-laced.

  • Divergent

    Not sure if it was publicly condoned, but it was definitely not condemned. It was a common practice wherever I went, never heard of any getting counselled for it

  • OrphanCrow


    This reminds me of David Berg only allowing his followers to 3 squares of toilet paper

    Sheesh. What's next? A prohibition on tampons? Why hasn't the WTS addressed that problem?? Yup...they need a new article: "Sisters, Chose your Sanitary Products Wisely and with a Godly Conscience"

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