What are your thoughts about Mormons?

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  • punkofnice

    Another bunch of deluded victims

  • Fisherman
    bunch of deluded victims

    interesting the horror that befell everybody that did not abandon Jerusalem when the Romans first attacked inspite of 40 years of education by Jesus and the Apostles that the city was doomed, and all the evidence that was axiomatic. Very painful to see loved ones deluded.

  • joe134cd

    I become particularly interested in the mormons after I left the JWs. For a never-mo (as I would be classified as) I have a reasonable knowledge in it. Basically if you think the JWs are bat shit crazy, then you need to look into Mormonism. Joe Smith was a total and utter rat bag, who is portrayed as a saint.

  • LoveUniHateExams
  • BluesBrother

    When I lived away from here I seemed to keep meeting Mormons through other social activities. I used to enjoy discussing religion with them . The ones I met were totally sincere and ,I believe, very good people. Their teachings on family life and conduct are not dissimilar to the JWs .

    I’d agree though that the Mormon beliefs are not in the least credible .If you can accept that angels appeared to Joseph Smith , that new scripture was written on golden plates that have disappeared….and Jesus will set up his kingdom in North America…. Then you can accept anything.

    Says me , who once fervently believed the Watchtower teachings!

  • Foolednomore

    I worked for a Mormon and found that they where always trying to convert me to their way. I find Mormons and Jw's as similar. Both very looney. But Mormons can be nice. I give them that.

  • blondie

    I lived in an area where 3/4 of the people were Mormons. Many tried to "convert" me, I even went to a public screening of a movie about their beliefs. It was like watching a science fiction movie. They were always kind to me and invited me to their home. One family had 20 children, the first 4 adopted until they were able to have their own children (having children is important because it gives spirits in heaven a chance to come down to earth and be tested). They took me around and showed me how they organized their family so everyone had someone to look out for. The oldest were assigned one of the younger ones, and the middle kids were on their own. They did not play in their bedrooms, but had a large play room with toys, books, etc., for everyone to play with. But when play was over, everything was picked up and put away. They had 3 washing machines and 3 dryers, going almost constantly. No one sat around, everyone helped with meals, setting and clearing table, helping prepare food, or watching over the young ones. Even I had to help making freshly churned butter (they had a large dairy farm). No pressure at all, just friendly. I know that this is not the case with every LDS, but this was 47 years ago. But I felt their ideas were even more bizarre than the WTS and that is saying a lot.

  • TD

    Grew up within walking distance of a temple.

    Played with them, went to school with them, dated them, worked for them.

    I've got a leather bound copy of the BOM with my name embossed on it; a gift from a kindly neighbor.

    The Latter Day Saints function better in society inasmuch as they value higher education and take civic responsibility very seriously.

    But they are every bit as "unique" as JW's in their own way and the BOM is shot through with linguistic and historical problems (IMHO)

    Simple example: There's an idiom peculiar to the writer of the Gospel of John that goes like this:

    Ἀμὴν ἀμὴν λέγω ὑμῖν - Amen amen lego hymin - Truly truly I say to you

    A modern translator would render the redundancy as "Very truly" or "Most truly" but in the wooden, period English of the KJV, it's "Verily, verily I say unto you"

    It's a poor translation of a Greek idiom that should not be in the BOM. (The BOM was allegedly written in "Reformed Hebrew" free from the influence of the Greek conquest.)

    Only it is. Many times, in fact.

    Not only is that a linguistic problem, it's an anachronism as well and the only way it could have gotten there is to be lifted from the KJV.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Some of the most evil, lying, SOB’s I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to come in contact with.

    The lying is probably the worst. And the way they lie to cover for each other. As a female executive I would rather deal with oil field men than a bunch of ego inflated LDS males.

    I worked once for a company with an LDS General Manager and the lies he told were outrageous and he tried to hire all his church buddies even though they were clearly unqualified for the positions. There were a few “Bishops” who demanded to be treated like they were Bishops at work. They all got fired after they tried to downsize everyone that wasn’t LDS.

    Once you get to see the real people it gives you a different perspective vs the church people persona they want you to see. Oh the stories I could tell from first hand experiences with Mormons.

  • Mum

    When I lived out West, I knew lots of Mormons. They were mostly nice people. I also read the book by Sonia Johnson, a former Mormon whose husband left her for a "younger blond-haired woman." She became a feminist. I also read another book by a former Mormon woman named Deborah (something). Their experiences show how much the religion mistreats women. I also knew a former Mormon woman personally, and all of her family had left the church except one of her daughters. This daughter was rearing nine children on her own because her husband (also a Mormon) abandoned the family for another woman. I also used to work with a young man who had been thrown out of the church for being gay.

    The weirdest things to me are the "temple recommend" and the "garments" (underwear that must be worn at all times). They also believe something like Elohim had sex with the virgin Mary to conceive Jesus - weird as the "virgin birth" for sure.

    All that having been said, most of them are very nice people, mostly prosperous and well educated. Somehow, the education didn't entirely "take." The scary ones are the Fundamentalist LDS led by Warren Jeffs, a child molestor.

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