Was disfellowshipping really sanctioned by God? Please share your honest views according to your Bible views

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  • Strugglingrsa

    Very good comments.Its helpful to get so many viewpoints.

  • Diogenesister

    JHine Wow that's a really good explanation that makes total sense.

    When I was a child and being indoctrinated by the JWs, my grandparents didn't approve. They were non believers but sensibly referred me to their C of E neighbours -a nice couple named the Howlets. However this couple merely spent time with me and warned me not to associate with dubs. They didn't explain their beliefs and how they differed. Wish they been more like you!

  • Diogenesister

    Snugglebunny Also very true! The "er" suffix clearly signifies a person who lives that way - not the often one-off slip up JWs are punished and ostracized for!

  • Diogenesister
    Fink to make a public announcement to an entire congregation to the members to not associate of certain individuals is not supported in the bible.

    And what's really wrong, is that elders are human, not psychic
    They don't know if the person is innocent or guilty, or repentant. People have frequently confessed to things they didn't commit, too. That's why, for millenia, believers have left it up to god to decide, not man, since we're talking about everlasting life.

    One problematic scripture, though, is " whatsoever you bind on earth, is bound, whatsoever you loose is loosed"

  • MeanMrMustard

    There is a difference between shunning and disfellowshipping. Re-read the scriptures in the OP and ask if they demand organizational action or if this is advise given to individuals, to be applied by individuals?

    The former is disfellowshipping, the latter is shunning. And there is a world of difference between them.

  • jhine

    Diogenesister , thank you for you nice comments .

    A common situation that l find is that most " regular " Christians don't know much about the WT , perhaps the Howlets didn't . WT theology is soooo different from most Christian groups , not to mention their brainwashing and controlling behaviour , that it really does take a while for most folk to get their heads around it .

    Probably your neighbours didn't realise that they needed to forewarn you about these things . l try to educate my fellow believers so that they can talk to JWs , or at least be able to put people off from joining . The irony is that despite how many on here bang on about religious division l find that most Christians are actually reluctant to say anything negative about any other religions and because they don't understand how harmful the WT is and how many lives are wrecked by it they just tend to politely say live and let live .


  • iwasblind

    Short answer

    Always read in context. 2 John is about apostasy, the anti christ, it is not talking about the shunning policy the borg adopt which is not scriptural in any way shape or form.

    1 Cor is talking about a specific issue that was causing disruption and Paul told them to accept that person back in 2 Cor.

    When you pull back and read stuff in context things become clearer.

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