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  • Atlantis


    Speaking of 1919, did you know the organization was tested and found fit back in 1879? So why did they have to be tested again in 1918 or 1919?

    1959 Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose, pg.22

    "For this reason 1879 was a turning point in the work. This little group, headed by C . T. Russell, had now been tested and had been found fit to undertake the great preliminary campaign leading up to the climax expected in 1914."

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  • Rafe

    Interesting .. thanks Atlantis

  • Longlivetherenegades

    1 Thessalonians 4 :15-17

    When the Lord returned invisibly in 1914, every remnant of the 144,000 should change within the twinkle of an eye and join christ in the sky.

    But you know according to the organization the 144,000 is not even enough or complete to fill the 144,000.

    Their teachings are based on assumptions, speculations and eisegesis

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    They don't say Jesus arrived they say he became present. Then they say presence has no beginning and no end (yes it does but that's how they spin it). They say he comes after his presence starts. Ie they skip the arrival bit, put the cart before the horse (presence before coming) and hope you are too dumb to notice the games they are playing with words.

  • sweetyj

    "They say he comes after his presence starts. "

    The mental gymnastics is real.... Just like overlapping generations or the definition of apostate.. Maybe that's why it's easier to not study after all 😆 the wt answers are the same anyway.

    Also thanks for the recording so i can listen to it.

    And now I won't be "partaking" at the hall. If they have new light...

  • Diogenesister

    I have questions, too..

    If he came already, why is he coming again?🤔

    Edit: aha Anna Marina is the expert in this subject. You should please post your video it's very enlightening Anna.....(on you tube)

  • Jeffro

    JWs like to make a big deal about parousia meaning 'presence' rather than 'coming', but this is largely a distraction from the fact that the Bible only actually refers to Jesus' parousia as something that occurs after the great tribulation ended rather than a separate 'presence' before the 'tribulation' and then a separate 'coming' later on.

    In reality, Jesus parousia has absolutely nothing to do with 1914. The 'great tribulation' was the Roman response to the Jewish revolt in 66 CE culminating in the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Jesus' parousia was expected to occur shortly after that, within a generation of Jesus' death. It didn't happen, and people have been making up superstitious secondary 'fulfilments' ever since.

    See also What does the Bible really teach... about Jesus’ presence?

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