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  • sweetyj

    Im not sure if this has already been asked here but i have some questions about 1914. If Jesus arrived "invisibly" in the year 1914 why do the anointed partake of the emblems? Why didn't they stop in 1914?

    If Jesus is ruling in heaven then why are the anointed still on earth? Shouldn't they have ruled with Jesus in 1914 long ago?

    And I thought the 1000 year reign was supposed to be triggered by Christ return ruling things. Yet has Satan been made a foot stool under his foot yet? What scriptures supports that Christ will rule heaven separate from ruling the earth?

    And why calculate a date of his return when Christ is to come as a thief in the night? If they say he is here or in a inner room don't believe it right?

    No I don't believe in 1914 but still curious. And I haven't studied wt literature in so long 1914 is fuzzy to me.

  • Bobcat

    If it is any help, I have a thread (here - off site) where I have been amassing references to "the last days" in the NT. For the WT, 1914 is the start of the last days. In the NT, Jesus' first advent begins the last days (Heb 1:1) and the last days comprise the entire inter-advent era (Heb 9:26-28).

  • Biahi

    Sometimes I think the organization will go one of 2 ways. One, “new light” will tell them that, since Christ already returned, invisibly, and he said to take the bread and wine “until I return”, they will stop the memorial, because He already returned. Or, 2, maybe they will announce “new light”, and have everyone partake. This one scares me, because of what they could put in the wine. (You know, poison)

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    He is coming twice, sort of. The 1914 thing and a a second time to finish, BUT not a ,"second coming" according to wt.

    Confused? So are they. It all goes back to 607, 2520 years (gregorian) , satan being cast down and starting WW1 (except ww1 started before the infamous October 4/5 date).

  • peacefulpete

    They actually taught that Jesus arrived in 1874 and would become manifest in 1914 (40 years later). When that failed they danced around for a few years struggling to offer a few reasons for delay then revised their numbers saying they had actually said he would arrive in 1914. The 1874 actually was a spring off of the Millerites prediction of 1844. They added (30 years, Jesus time on earth). Its a tangled mess of pyramids and imaginary parallels. In the end when coincidently ww1 started kinda close to their 1914 date it cemented the prediction as fixed. They have been stuck with it since.

    Your question about why they continue to do the sacraments is a valid one and reflects the arbitrary way they have timed expressions like "arrived" and "comes". Careful reading of old WT material showed me and my wife how often they casually shifted the timing of certain passages, I believe without awareness of doing it. I made the mistake of commenting that an statement i the WT was "new light" as they had applied a passage to a new time. I was told assertively it was not new or we would have been told it was new. I showed them the previous application and they told me to be quiet and not divisive. Its for good reason they no longer encourage having an extensive library.

    In the end I imagine they need the sacraments to serve as a distinction between hierarchy and lay class.

  • Atlantis


    Fred Franz already said in his talk that 1914 and 1925 were a mistake. Fred also debunked the concept of a governing body.

    Let me know if you want his talk and I'll send you a link.

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  • IWant2Leave

    Hi Atlantis! What format is Fred Franz' talk? I think I would like to have that.


  • Atlantis

    I think it is MP3. You just listen and there is no mistake that it is him. There are a few of his talks in the Pegasus.

    I'll be right back with a link for you.

    (Did you know that Rutherford said the Bible Students did not have to comply with all the rituals? And, membership was based on "watching over the property" and obeying the laws of the land!)

    Preaching wasn't a priority! The "property" was!

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  • Atlantis

    1914 and 1925 Mistakes--Fred Franz (The same talk can be found over at JW-WayBack-Library. Just go to English--Audio--Fred Franz--Fred Franz Exposes False Prophecies.)


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  • Rafe

    The WTS leaders self proclamation they are anointed was really a opportunistic means to self glorify and as well empower themselves as the select truly righteous ones, therefore in theological terms should be awarded into the anointed class.

    This started I believe in 1919 when J Rutherford proclaimed god had chosen him and the IBSA organization.

    To put it bluntly, how could they be if they were false prophet charlatans ?

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