Moscow City Court JW Restriction Verdict Today - 16-Jan-2017

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  • shepherdless
    If Russian gov. succeeds in shutting down the WT and the other churches that compete with ROC, the move will have an extremely powerful negative impact on Russia and eventually on ROC; the rest of the modern world is looking and may correspondigly act upon Russia accordingly.

    Are they shutting down "other churches" as well? I thought it was just Scientology and Watchtower.

    Most of the "rest of the modern world" knows very little about JW's. They just see JW's as annoying wierdos who knock on doors at inconvenient times. Those who care about principles of religious freedom tend to be from the liberal left, which doesn't have as much influence at the moment, especially since the recent USA election.

    With a new gov. pending in America that favors trade with Russia...

    The new Govt may favor better relations, not trade. (Russia has nothing to sell but oil and military equipment.) Another reason that there may be little fallout.

    if WT wins in that Court if it has to go that far ( and WT can't loose )...

    Long story short: It is very hard to predict what the European Court of Human Rights might do.

    Overall, I don't think anyone in the West will be that interested. I doubt the issue will get much media coverage.

  • DJS

    The Russian anti-extremist laws were written in an intelligent manner. These laws have gradually become more restrictive and capable of being abused by law enforcement (aka Putin's thugs) and the court system. But they are not just affecting the Dubs. Mormons, Muslims, Evangelical Protestants, Scientologists, Adventists and even the Salvation Army have all been impacted by it.

    The original law, circa 2002, stipulated that a religion could not espouse or teach its superiority over others. Vlad and his Impalers smartly understood that this one simple issue was behind so much of the world's historical and current strife and bloodshed.

    Two of the law's provisions defined religious extremism as promoting the "exclusivity, superiority, or lack of equal worth of an individual" and "incitement of religious discord" in connection with acts or threats of violence. Later laws broadened the threat beyond acts or threats of violence, making this part: "exclusivity, superiority, or lack of equal work of an individual" and "incitement of religious discord' the primary focal points. The dubs were immediately in trouble and once again slow to modify their teachings, beliefs and literature. The dubs were immediately in the crosshairs due to the fact that their reason for existence is to teach and preach that they alone are the only true religion and the only one being used by god, Daddy's Lil' Monster and the only one that will survive the upcoming Big A.

    It's not smart to eff with Vlad the Impaler. He has been known to murder his opponents.

    The local law enforcement entities and the courts deemed any literature with extremist views as being in violation of the law. Every dub publication in their entire history espouses their singularity, superiority and casts governments, other religions and everyone else not a dub as being under Satan's control and worthy of destruction. How can any sentient person NOT believe this is extremist literature and these are extremist teachings? The difference here is that Russia made a very good law against these teachings and they are using increasingly thuggish tactics to enforce it.

    It appears obvious that local law enforcement (aka Putin's KGB thugs) have planted 'evidence' against them. As I've said before, the manner in which the legal and judicial system reacts does not counter the fact that the original laws were very good indeed. Is the ROC behind this? Duh. Is Putin acting all KGBish. Of course.

    It gets better. 2016 changes to the law make it illegal to proselytize outside of the officially sanctioned church building. No more home book studies. No more carts. No more knocking on doors on Saturday mornings to annoy people.

    It gets better. The NWT has been determined to be extremist literature by some courts due to their use of the name Jehovah where it really can't be supported, the removal of the word 'cross', replacing it with stake - and where it really can't be supported. There are other NWT verbiage renderings that meet the same set of criteria for being extremist. For example, the Gideon bibles were recently deemed to be ok, and a Russian law in the '90s established the bible and koran, and religions such as x-tianity, buddhism, judaism, and islam as being part of the Russian heritage.

    It gets better. Several of the Russian court cases the dubs lost have revolved around issues we despise and which should be banned from the planet, such as banning blood transfusions and disfellowshipping.

    Don't cry for Brooklyn. Or Mordor, where the vile old men are heading soon to hide, lick their wounds and conspire while they control what they can - the rank and file through the wraiths (BOE) they send forth to do their evil bidding.

  • sparrowdown

    Thanks for that DJS - a very interesting read.

  • sir82

    the work would become completely illegal.

    Keep warm and well fed, brothers, we of the GB are quite sure that Jehovah will keep you in his warm arms of protection,....

    the Kingdom Halls and the Branch with all the material possession could be confiscated

    What? WHAT? WHAT!?!?!?!?

    We might lose our PROPERTY!?!?!

    Persecution! Satan! Send in the lawyers! THIS CANNOT STAND!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!

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