Moscow City Court JW Restriction Verdict Today - 16-Jan-2017

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  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
  • Gayle
    After the announcement of the decision the organization said on its appeal. "Мы будем оспаривать данное решение в порядке надзора в Верховном суде и не исключаем в дальнейшем обжалования в ЕСПЧ", - сказал пресс-секретарь организации Ярослав Сивульский. "We will challenge this decision in the exercise of supervisory powers of the Supreme Court and did not rule out further appeals to the ECHR", - said a spokesman for the organization Jaroslav Sivulskii.

    so the battle goes on for WT. However, ECHR does not have absolute power over Russia.

  • BluesBrother

    Vidiot :

    (BTW, I haven't heard of any terrorist-hostage events in Russia since then.)

    Off topic I know but for the sake of pedantry... The theatre siege was in 2002 , in 2004 the school in Beslan ,Caucasus, Russian Federation, was held hostage and over 300 died....


    Whatever will be the outcome it will have a worldwide effect so, may Jehovah's name be exalted.".....DF

    In Watchtower World:

    Watchtower Wins = Proof they are Gods Organization..

    Watchtower Loses = Persecution..Proof they are Gods Organization..

    In the Real World:

    Watchtower Wins or Loses = JW`s believe anything the WBT$ tells them..

    We thought to share this so that we can all remember the Brothers and the case in our prayers today.....DF

    WTS lost! niceeeee.....YKBW

    Obviously praying to Jehovah didn`t help..

    WatchTower should have Bribed the Judge with a..

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  • Vidiot

    You mean they're not whining about "persecution"?


    I'm glad Russia is calling a spade, a spade.

    The "Jehovist" faith is extremist. They preach about, and pray for the death of billions, ignore laws that protect children, actively encourage members to lie to the courts, and destroy families by shunning, and wish they could kill "apostates", if only the laws would allow it.

    F*** YOU, WTBTS! REAP IT......


  • Dreamerdude

    I would rather see Russia take the route of the Australian court system. That leaves no room for WT to use it for propaganda. Russia will be the boogeyman at next week's CLAM, but they wouldn't dare try that with the ARC.

  • schnell

    @Dreamerdude, granted, individual JWs are spinning the ARC however they wish. And I mean however they wish. If they agree that there's a problem in the organization, the ARC is an example of Jehovah scourging his earthly organization. If they don't agree, it's "a witch hunt", as one commenter told me on YouTube this evening.

  • Fisherman

    I don't see the fairness in Russian gov. choosing ROC ( and allowing them to exist and influence people ) over WTS and other religions that said gov. does not like because ROC uses political bed-fellows to eliminate the competition.

    Seems to me that WT can't loose. If Russian gov. succeeds in shutting down the WT and the other churches that compete with ROC, the move will have an extremely powerful negative impact on Russia and eventually on ROC; the rest of the modern world is looking and may correspondigly act upon Russia accordingly.

    With a new gov. pending in America that favors trade with Russia, and Russia looking forward to thi$, WT cannot loose. Although the Russian gov has made it law that Russian Constitution trumps over European Court of Human Rights if WT wins in that Court if it has to go that far ( and WT can't loose ) it will ultimately be more politically and economically advantageous for Russia to allow the WT to exist in Russia than to go against the ECHR. But even if Russia, against all reason, insisted and managed to shut down WT in Russia temporarily, my bet is that it would just be only a matter of time before WT is up an running again in the "USSR."

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