After 52 years a Watchtower slave 9/11 gave me the push I needed to get out.

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  • new boy
    new boy

    I Turned in my letter of Disassociation on September 18, 2001 but it was 9/11 that showed me what the witnesses really feel about human lives and the future wished for.

    I was in limbo after my wife of 27 years left me on July 30, 2001. She knew I wasn't buying the JW program anymore. She told me she come back to me when "I got my head straighten out about god and the church".

    So for 40 days I was in Limbo. I stopped going to meetings. I didn't have the balls to leave her and the church and I didn't have the balls to march out into "The world" and the great unknown.

    At that time both were very scary places.

    Then the phone call came early in the morning on September 11th. It was my JW friend Mike, calling from Washington.

    "Turn on your TV! Go turn it on right now." After turning on the set I saw the scenes we all have seen, people jumping out of buildings, people running down the street with blood running down their faces and terror in their eyes.

    Mike is telling me "This is it! This is just the beginning, the end is at hand!"

    It's crazy there was almost a happiness in his voice.

    At that moment I realized, that Mike and me for many years, plus all of the other Witnesses were waiting for the end to come. They were waiting for millions of people to die (not just the 3000 on 9/11) so they could be happy and finally have peace.

    Yes, their salvation was at hand. God just needed to kill a few more million off.

    I knew then that this blood thirst Jehovah was no longer the god I wanted "serve."

    I had my first clue about him when I was only 9 years old, way back in 1958. There was a picture of Armageddon in the new book "Paradise lost to paradise regained." In the picture there was a little girl holding on to her doll as she and her dog were falling into this great abyss, sent there by you know who.

    Yep, on the that day 15 years ago I was finally done with Jehovah the pissed off and angry god. So, for me 9/11 saved my life!

  • Crazyguy

    Yep the great God of love does nothing for mankind when in need. That picture of that poor baby in Africa about to die with a vulchur waiting to eat him was very telling for me. Witnesses are really out of touch thier pathetic! My daughter was very sick over the last couple of years and couldn't go to meetings. The friends her close friends stopped coming around and when she was off getting treatment a while ago not one person from her congregation called her. Of course when she got home and was healthy enough to go to her first meeting in a long time they were so excited to see her. Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    This is a happy result from that terrible day. Did you and your wife manage to find a bridge back to each other?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    And of course, JWs don't quite understand their doctrines. The Great Tribulation is supposed to start after "false religion" gets destroyed by the UN. After that JWs are supposed to get persecuted; then Armageddon where God starts destroying others in earnest. So if they think that 9/11 is Armageddon then why are the first two events being shortcutted?

  • Finkelstein

    Its amazing how human emotions combined with ignorance can psychologically effect people.

    The Watchtower Corporation exploited both to create its own organization, structured in both power and money.

  • Wayward

    I was at work that day, listening to it over the radio. I got home that evening to a call from my Jovamom begging me to come back to the KH because this was 'the beginning of the Great Tribulation'. I refused. What good would it have done? According to their doctrines, I'd have been doomed because Jah won't accept any new recruits or returning sheep after the Tribulation starts.

  • ToesUp

    My spouse and I were just talking about this exact thing this morning. We were watching some of the documentations on TV regarding that horrible day.

    The JW's always speak of a world wide destruction. Watching people die on 9/11 was shocking to everyone. Imagine something similar happening on a global scale. We are supposed to be happy about seeing the dead lying in the streets and the Birds of prey pecking at their bodies? JW's will be happy about this? This is sick beyond belief! How did we ever believe this sh*t! I agree, if this is what God has in store for mankind, I'm out.

  • smiddy

    It was about 11pm when the phone rang,my son asked are you wathimg TV ? No I said .

    Turn it on ,I asked what channel ,he replied any channel just turn your TV on.

    I just sat their for the next couple of hours in disbelief .

    I had left the Borg in 1992 and wasnt concerned about the big A or TGT ,

    I find it hard to comprehend that I believed this JW crap nowadays .

  • zeb

    That day I attempted to go on line to do my usual emails. The computer would not 'go-on' I ended up turning the power off at the wall crashing the thing and trying to start again, still no go. after several attempts I gave up. I then went into the lounge room and there was the burning buildings on tv. so a building fire ..then youngest son wide eyed says 'Dad they have taken out the world trade centre" and I realized what had happened and perhaps why the computer net works were being blocked.

    Is it true that the Watchtower management ordered their doors locked and blinds drawn (and work as usual) to keep the refugees from the disaster getting in? and that individual brothers and sisters refused this order and opened up to give aid to the injured and traumatised? If this is true then it is information we need to log especially those with blind relatives that they are ever trying to reason with.

    For those people who saw the end coming (its on tv) on that day of infamy they need to accept that death had rained from the skies in a dozen countries before then. The end wasn't coming just because hell had opened its doors in NY. That jw saw this as a sign is an indictment of their thinking (!) denied experience and narrow mindedness. Newboys 'friend' Mike and Waywards mum and their ilk are such.

    "They shall not grow weary as we who are left grow weary,

    they shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.

    At the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun

    we shall remember them"...

    and pray that one day all will be revealed.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes the contradiction is outstanding.

    On one hand witnesses say how sad it is when such tragedies occur, but on the other hand they don't see the irony that they are looking forward to these very same people along with billions more being killed!

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