You're DISFELLOWSHIPPED, Please---DON'T CONTACT US, Until You Return to Jehovah's Organization!

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  • pistolpete

    I just heard this story from one of my relatives. I'm leaving a lot of things out.

    A jw couple had three kids and raised them in the religion. The oldest one got disfellowshipped at 18 years of age because he committed fornication with a JW girl. The Jw girl then proceeded to run off with an older jw boy which in turn, broke the heart of the 18 year old jw boy.

    So the 18 year old son of the jw couple now went into a deep depression because he was in love with the jw girl who ran off with an older jw boy---------and he was disfellowshipped on top of that.

    Imagine a young 18 year old kid with no life experience going through his first heartbreak and getting disfellowshipped for it.

    Now imagine a knock on the door. The elders appear for a shepherding call. A call to remind the parents, that their 18 year old son who was now disfellowshipped and a legal adult, was now a spiritual danger to the rest of the family, that is the two other children.

    So the parents told their son that it would be better if he moved out because he was a danger to the family and he would be welcomed back when he returned to Jehovah.

    An 18 year old kid raised in a jw home, with no experience on making a living and no direction on what he needs to do for shelter, food, and just plain survival.

    The kid was having a difficult time finding a place to stay and food to eat on a daily basis. So an opportunity came up out of State and he moved.

    In time he was able to get a nice place to live and was able to eat regularly. He also met a girl who was not a Jehovah witness, fell in love and got married.

    Throughout this time he tried to touch bases with his parents, He was finally happy and He wanted to introduce his wife to his parents. He had gone through this ordeal with no help from jw family and friends because he was SHUNNED but he was willing to let that pass. All he wanted at this point was to talk to his PARENTS.

    But his parents told him that there was to be no contact since he had not returned to Jehovah. And they reminded him of how much he made Jehovah Sad because he married a worldly woman. They told him those marriages NEVER LAST.

    Until you return to Jehovah, PLEASE DON’T CONTACT US!

    His wife did not understand. Why were they also treating her this way. She started learning about the Jehovah’s Witnesses from her husband.

    The years went by and he bought a house. Then they had a child. At this point, someone told the parents that their son had a baby boy.

    The parents mailed him a BIBLE STORIES BOOK.

    The parents got no reply so they decided to visit their son after some YEARS. They show up at the son’s home without giving him a heads up.

    They wanted to see their grandchild. The son went ahead and invited them in. They fell in love with the grandchild.

    The last day of the visit they told their son that NOW IS THE TIME TO COME BACK TO JEHOVAH, because their baby’s life was now at stake. But they still reaffirm to their son that there should be NO CONTACT IN ANY FORM BY HIM BECAUSE HE WAS STILL DISFELLOWSHIPPED.

    A couple of years pass and the only thing the grand-parents sent to their grandson was WATCHTOWER LITERATURE.

    After a while the disfellowshipped son and his wife had another Child, and then another. The parents started sending more literature and more WARNINGS to their son that TIME IS GETTING SHORT, RETURN TO JEHOVAH.

    Finally the son sent a letter to his parents, telling them to stop sending Watchtower literature. He tells them that he has thrown every single piece of literature that they’ve sent to his children. He explains to them that he and his wife have taught their children how HATEFUL and HARMFUL the Watchtower religion is. He tells them how the Religion has cause Ordinary Parents to become so hateful that they have shunned their child for years, never being there to help when help was needed by their son their own flesh and blood.

    50 years and a few months go by since the 18 year jw kid was disfellowshipped and shunned by his parents. At 68 years of age, this boy who was now an elderly man, was happily married to the same women he met at 18 and later married her, the same man who raised 3 beautiful kids who turned out to be the kindest, most level head, successful adults.

    That 18 year old disfellowshipped kid whose jw parents shunned for decades, unfortunately died in an accident.

    His parents now in their early 90s were still alive and still waiting for THE END JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Their other two kids had already passed, one died in an accident still in her teens while disfellowshipped, the other died of cancer in her 30s while disfellowshipped also.

    Now their last son------their firstborn-----was GONE!

    And he turned out to be an exceptional human being. No thanks to his parents who disowned him for a simple mistake of falling in love at the age of 18.

    He became very wealthy. But that's not the real Success of this man.

    Parents found out that he helped the homeless, funded animal shelters, contributed a lot of money to Children’s Shriners Hospital.

    And all his kids now follow his example.

    And here is the kicker.

    His parents found out their son had died---------TWO YEARS AGO!

    Because they had told him that there should be no contact, UNTIL HE RETURNS TO JEHOVAH – Organization!

    Story I found on reddit

  • DesirousOfChange

    ....normal family relations continue with the exception of spiritual fellowship.

    Note this WT lawyer explain disfellowshipping before a Canadian Court: at 1:07 on the clock: "..........normal family relations continue with the exception of spiritual fellowship."

    But then, we know they are liars. Caught them plenty of times in WT literature.

  • Iamallcool

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Rafe

    And they reminded him of how much he made Jehovah Sad

    because he married a worldly woman. They told him those marriages NEVER LAST.

    Really so people who aren't practicing JWS have marriages that never last ?

    I have many relatives that aren't JWS who were happily married for 50, 60 years.

    The fact is within the JWS religion, divorce is just as high as outside of the organization.

    Once again we can see JWs are pressed to lie and profess misinformation to support the Org, a means to show their own personal loyalty.

  • mickbobcat
    Typical lying bastards. The cult now lies like its breathing. The cult is such a group of scum.
  • joe134cd

    I reckon that lawyer should be stripped of his license for saying that. Even that video a few years back shows the mother not answering the phone, when her DF daughter called. Has anybody tried to file a complaint with the law society. It would be interesting to see what happens

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Typical lying bastards. The cult now lies like its breathing. The cult is such a group of scum''

    I'm not sure if you're a fan of Elaine's channel JWescape, but I sure enjoy it.

    A few weeks or months ago she related how the JW's are exposed. ''They're exposed as frauds''. She put it. But I can't remember exactly when that was.

    Elaine does just an awesome job.

  • solomon

    There are a lot of failed marriages in “the truth”. Jw parents are sometimes the problem. They interfere too much and put extreme pressure on the children to be someone in the organization.

    My siblings that left “the truth” seem to have been more successful family lives than the jws.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    you just have to love it when you see these douchebags fall flat on their face when they are caught lying.

  • Fisherman

    Whether shunning a df son or daughter because of being df is morally good or bad is subjective. The issue is whether it is legal . It is legal for a parent to get a restraining order against a son. It is legal to separate families by putting someone in jail for a crime. It is also legal in some States to execute someone’s son or daughter for a crime that merits the death penalty. Is any of this good or bad depends on personal opinion. JW beliefs and practices are based on JW standards. Many people feel that Roe v. Wade is bad but it is the law of the land whether people feel it is morally wrong or not. JW also have the legal right as any other religious entity to practice their religion to df and shun someone.

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