You're DISFELLOWSHIPPED, Please---DON'T CONTACT US, Until You Return to Jehovah's Organization!

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  • skin

    I can also confirm that in the congregations in the circuit that I'm in, a very high % of JW marriages fail, don't succeed, usually last only between 7 to 15 years. But we are not to focus on that because it is negative thoughts, and negative thoughts come from Satan. I don't see that kind of divorce rate outside WT, but we have to believe that the world views marriage as disposable.

    I find it so hard to believe WT information that is clearly misleading, making me believe and promote lies that make the organization look wonderful. Because I don't get involved in their promotional / upbuilding stories, im the one they view as spirituality weak.

  • LongHairGal


    The problem is JW standards are hypocritical.

    Yes, you say they have the ‘right’ to Df or shun. But, don’t hide it or be hypocritical about it. I cannot stand hypocrisy which is why I’m not there anymore. Another Example: They knocked people for having decent jobs..but have the audacity (and hypocrisy) to ask these same people for money to give to people there who never wanted to work!! Glad I’m not around this!

    They deny to outsiders that they practice shunning and breaking up of families. They want to present a different face to the public. They keep things hidden from prospective ‘bible studies’ who may not have joined the religion if they knew the Real story. I am one such person and could have saved myself wasted time years ago.. But, thankfully, I pulled myself out of this trap.

  • Fisherman
    The problem is JW standards are hypocritical.

    Again, that is subjective. You miss the point. Like everybody else JW have the legal right to do whatever they like as long as they aren’t breaking the law.

  • LongHairGal


    Do you realize how tricky you sound when you say this? It’s like them saying ‘something is not a lie if a person isn’t entitled to the truth’.🙄

    Is something really subjective if it is well known to have happened? The JW religion has knocked college/careers for decades and labeled people who got them as ‘unspiritual’.. Nowadays they’re asking for money and targeting people perceived as ‘responsible’ to give money in many instances for people who never wanted to work. This is hypocritical because it is saying one thing and doing something else.

    A better example of a ‘subjective’ opinion would be if somebody says so-and-so is immodest in their dress. Because this isn’t a fact and the person might be perceived differently by different people.

    What I said in my post is totally correct, even if you chose to ignore it: the religion denies to outsiders about their shunning and tries to present a different face to the public; and also hides this stand from potential members.

    Again, I would never have joined if I knew all the hidden things about the religion. It just so happens I have no family there and never had to deal with family shunning me..But this is a tragedy nonetheless regardless of whether the misguided individuals involved aren’t ‘breaking the law’ per se.

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Isn't the the quote of "..........normal family relations continue with the exception of spiritual fellowship" half true instead of a lie (though not in the case of those who are no longer in the same household)? Namely doesn't some of the WT literature teach such in the case of where a disfellowshipped family member (especially if the disfellowipped person is the husband or wife of one of the other JW members) is living in the same household as the JW family members? I know I have read such in the WT literature during the time I was an active JW. The WT doesn't want to promote the idea that a JW should divorce their disfellowshipped spouse, except in the situation where the disfellowshipped spouse is a physical danger to the JW spouse right. Right? Maybe the WT says it OK for a JW to divorce their disfellowshipped spouse if the DF spouse is a spiritual danger to the JW spouse.

    Regarding the divorce rates of JWs versus that of those 'in the world', are the rates really about the same? Though I am now an ex-JW (but not officially) I still think the WT is correct in saying that the JW divorce rate is much lower.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I'm not really sure that half truths are much better than lies.

    Half truths have the disadvantage of making it look like you're hiding something.

  • wokeup

    What gets me, is if you tell the truth and voice concerns about falsehood, the loaded language, the hypocrisy, the logical fallacies or entertain a different opinion other than theirs you are guilty of thought crime. You can expect the elder body to label and excommunicate you under the guise of ‘creating divisions and keeping the congregation clean’. And for good measure, tell others that YOU ‘left Jehovah’. The icing on the cake is your believing relatives and conditional friends have been weaponized to act as enforcers. This behavior solidifies the breakdown of your family unit and relationships. Such a loving arrangement.

  • Vidiot
    GrreatTeacher - "I'm not really sure that half truths are much better than lies..."

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