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    I echo the sentiment about calling Jehovah's Witnesses a cult. A person has to come to that realization on their own or they will become defensive. Instead I would reference the Three Pillars of Religion/Spiritual Practice.

    • Faith
    • Doubt
    • Dedication to finding the truth

    Faith - You must believe in the teachings or doctrine. Belief is not knowing. It is a highly held opinion. "I believe these teachings will lead to salvation or, more importantly, to the end of suffering."

    Doubt - This is not skepticism or the endless asking of questions. This is simply accepting that what you believe has not been proven. It is being open minded that you may find evidence that could either prove or disprove your belief. It is not accepting something as truth simply because a book or a religious leader says it is true.

    Dedication to finding the truth - Truth requires examination of belief and proof through experience. Truth is eternal and must be experienced. Truth is not an intellectual process, but rather an experiential phenomena.

    So, ask -

    "Do you have faith in the teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses? Do these teachings bring salvation? Have the teaching brought to an end of any sort of dissatisfaction, fear, anxiety, regret, and sorrow in your life?"

    The answer to this may be "yes" and may be "no".

    "Do you have any doubts in these teachings? Are you allowed to openly doubt these teachings?"

    We know the answer to this question, especially the second question, is probably "no".

    "Have you diligently examined these teachings? Have you personally experienced the truth of these teaching? Do you accept these teachings because you proved them to be true or do you simply accept them because of something you read or were told?"

    We know that in recent years the Watchtower has expressly forbid Jehovah's Witnesses to do their own research and have been told the Watchtower that they will tell Witnesses what to believe.

    This line of questions shows that, at most, the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses only has one of the three pillars. In regards to question #3 you could also ask, "Is it not hypocritical that you are told 'Make the Truth your own,' but are also told, 'Do no research and accept only what we say'?"

  • Diogenesister
    Easy - Galatians 1: 8-9

    I agree Sea Breeze that there are probably many scriptures one can use to demonstrate Watchtower doesn't have the truth as taught in the Bible. A good one is reference Galatians to demonstrate they do not teach what the apostles taught, as you say.

    But I think there's an even simpler way.The Jews proved their faith by abiding by the law. But we were always taught a Christian now has their conscience to use instead (combined with the Holy Spirit).

    Yet over and over exJWs will say they felt there was something 'not quite right' about the teachings and practices, behaviour and harsh treatments meted out by watchtower. That was our conscience reaching out to us .......but witnesses are forbidden to abide by their own consciences. That, to me, is what really marks out Watchtower as a cult

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    I agree Sea Breeze that there are probably many scriptures one can use to demonstrate Watchtower doesn't have the truth as taught in the Bible.

    True. But, this is the only scripture that states twice that if a person preaches a different message than what the apostles preached they are cursed of God. The GB is proud of all their changing doctrines and calls them : adjustments, increased understandings, new light etc.

    Gal. 1: 8:9 is a direct assault on their idolatry.... no doctrines, no arguing, no subjective viewpoints - just replacing lies with truth.

  • punkofnice
    l-cool - If you tell a JW that he or she is in a cult and they asked you why do you say that? How would you respond?

    It's probably best not to say anything that will put a Jobo on the defensive. The GB have successfully brainwashed them to retreat into cult ranks if they are told anything negative against their drunken leaders.

    If you use scriptures, my guess is they'll see it as misuse of the bible no matter what it says in their own corrupt version.

    If they want to escape the clutches of the Watchtower paedophile loving machine, they will.

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    For every argument you have to show JWs that they are a cult, they will have a prepared answer to deny it.

    Perhaps the best way to go would be to ask if there is anything that they don't agree about their religion and if they feel free to express those disagreements with their leaders, friends, family. I'm not talking about going on a campaign here; just to have a free open conversation about their disagreement with their fellow believers. If not, they are not freely exercising their faith.

    Funny thing is that some might tell you that they are free to hold such conversations. In which case, ask them if they did and how did it go? Were there follow ups? Did other people unexpectedly got involved? How did it feel? If they haven't had such conversation, ask them to actually do it. After all, if they are free as they believe they are, what could be the harm?

    Its that simple.

  • Ding

    If you tell JWs point blank that they are in a cult, they will label you a persecutor or apostate and have no further dealings with you.

    When you think about it, does anyone respond favorably to being told their religion is a cult?

  • EverApostate

    When any Jw boast of their JW love, I ask them this.

    Will your so called JW friends, love you the same if you become a Muslim or an atheist ?

    Conditional love (fake love) is what the cults practice.

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