George Lucas tinkering with Star Wars films

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  • Onager

    I haven't seen TLJ and I never will. I also have never seen the 3rd film of the prequels, what's it called? Dude Where's My Deathstar? By the time I had watched the second prequel I was so disillusioned that I decided to watch the third on dvd. Then the Vader "Noooooooooo" memes appeared and I thought "Nope."

    Similarly, after Force Awakens, I thought I would read some reviews of TLJ first and it was clear from them that the rot had set in. So I am done with the Franchise, mostly because it so clearly IS a franchise now and not a labour of love. I say this as someone who was such a fan originally that I even defended Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage to the naysayers.

    So in my world the Star Wars universe is made up of the original trilogy, including RotJ. For prequels I have the Han Solo at Star's end books and for a sequel, and S***t's and giggles, I include the Splinter in the Minds Eye book. I like to think that Luke and Leia knew that they were siblings at that point, but just didn't care and went ahead with the steamy snogging.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I hope you 6 will be very happy 😶

  • _Morpheus

    I watched the video citing ten changes that were good... i agreed with them all. I didnt wholesale dislike them all. A few were annoying (like the rotj band scene) but for the most part they were good... except han shooting first.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Since this thread is about Star Wars, what about the three Disney films?

    I've not seen TLJ but I own The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

    Both films have a fantastic blend of practical and CGI effects.

    I think TFA is too close to A New Hope. Imagine if someone had suggested the following at a meeting for a new SW movie ... let's have a Force-sensitive individual who lives on a desert planet ... and data hidden inside a little droid ... and a huge evil weapon that destroys planets ... and an antagonist who has a red light saber, black mask and cloak, and who serves an evil, disfigured master ...let's have the good guys fly x-wings to blow up the planet-destroying weapon, after an old man has been cut down by light saber inside the evil base ... you get my point.

    Equally bad, Rey is a Mary Sue (= a character who has no flaws). She can literally do everything to an excellent standard, first time.

    She pilots the Falcon first-time and can fly it superbly inside the remains of a Star Destroyer.

    She is given a gun by Han Solo and is an excellent shot.

    She quickly and efficiently beats up Finn when she suspects him of stealing.

    She speaks or understands fluent Wookiee, BB-8's electronic speech and Teedo's language.

    She fixes the Falcon, not the ship's owner Han Solo.

    She uses the Force to persuade a stormtrooper to release her constraints.

    The first time she picks up a light saber she ends up beating Kylo Ren.

    This is bad because it make's Rey a shallow character in a way - when you're naturally the best at everything, no learning is necessary.

    I'm ok with films having strong female leads; what I don't like is having feminist propaganda forced down my throat.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    OTOH I thought Rogue One went in a much bolder direction and thus was a better film.

    It showed the dark realities of war - the first of any SW film to do so. It was gritty and dark. The Vader scene at the end was great. The dynamic between Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus was good.

    There were several things I disliked.

    Chirrut kung-fu fighting a load of stormtroopers was ridiculous.

    The CG images of Tarkin and especially Leia were bad and will probably date very badly.

    The main characters were quite shallow, so that the droid K2SO's death affected me more than Jyn's and Cassian's.

    But on the whole I thought it was a pretty solid film.

  • _Morpheus

    The flaws you cited are the some of the same things that irritated me. I found myself yelling at both rouge one and tfa “GIVE ME A NEW PLOT!!!!!!” The nice thing about rouge one was that although it wasnt a “new” plot it wasnt a rehash like tfa. It was suplimental but enjoyable. And the vader scene was beyond words

  • jws

    All I can say is a while ago, they released as an extra to the DVDs, the original unedited films.

    They weren't the best video quality. They were widescreen in the standard screen frame, so "letterboxed". But they had every little imperfection, maybe a few scratches here and there.

    I LOVED THEM! They looked so different. Although I've seen each of the films (original, enhanced, more enhanced, etc), these films took me right back to being a kid watching it for the very first time. I loved it.

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