I don't think I will be able to escape the JWs ...

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  • DJS

    Such a whiney ass loser - it's no wonder that earth girls are repulsed by you. Stay. Please stay. I feel sorry for the unsuspecting dub girls, all of whom have more testosterone than you.

    Let's hope you're sterile. That DNA doesn't need to replicate.

  • snare&racket


    Imget where you are coming from, the desicion about leaving comes down to choosing comfort or truth. If you are happier not leaving despite not believing that's your right. Never knowing how happy you would feel free and living honestly is a calculated desicion we all have to make.

    It's not easy..l.l living with family missing and all the JW's abandoning you and looking at you like your a devil, for simply being honest about what you believe. Starting from scratch and starting over, alone. But for me, it is 100% better than living a lie.......

    I sincerely have zero regret and would advocate living honestly to anyone.

  • Listener

    Don't expect a happy marriage to a JW when she works out what you've been up to.

  • OrphanCrow
    Stealth: I Didn't intend to come off as being sexist in my comment about watching porn. I was just speaking from my own experience after leaving the cult and dating women on the outside.
    I had no issues what so ever with meeting and interacting with worldly women with the exception of my lack of sexual experiences and that was a direct result of being raised a JW and their bedroom rules. And yes, watching a little porn did help me get up to speed in that area.

    Fair enough.

    I can understand that but a lack of sexual experience is not a very good reason to stay in the org.

    Saying that all he has to do is watch some porn to figure out worldly women lacks perspective. It says that the only reason that he fails as a confident male is solely based on whether or not he can measure up sexually. That is not what most 'worldly' women want in a mate. There is far more to a relationship than knowing how to behave like a porn star.

    The best way that a man can learn how to be sexy is to learn how to respect women outside of the bedroom. And I am not talking about doing it on the kitchen counter or in the laundry room either.

    If he wants to learn how to interact with women, he needs to learn how to treat them like more than a sexual plaything. And preying on vulnerable JW women isn't going to help him.

    To be fair, I don't think he is much different than any male that has been raised with the sense of male entitlement that the org promotes and practices. It is a difficult indoctrination to overcome and sadly, a lot of JW males never do. And not just JW males.

  • exjwlemming

    I find it hard to stomach the thought of using congregations and assemblies as a JW "meatmarket" at age 36. Sure, I did in my late teens but I was naive and dumb to the baggage associated with JW girls much less 30 something spinster women. I left, faded, and met a lovely "worldly" woman who is kind, thoughtful, hard working, secular, independent, educated, well balanced, critical thinking, and doesn't hang on ever word from the "eldurs and the WTBT$." Don't be intimidated by non-JW women. For good reason, the "Society" has jaded you into thinking that they are sexual disease laden, loose whores that will destroy you as a person.

  • JWdaughter

    You are in a comfort zone and have a sad lack of confidence. You are kind of a perfect JW.

    Your generation is more mobile and often have to make new friends. You got an automatic batch with a new congregation, but they are not your real friends, and we all know it, so it is a shame that you are giving up on building relationships (friendships or more) outside of the organization.

    As to women. You are divorced from a woman that cheated on you. I don't know if that indicates that you really "get" even JW women. You might want to spend some time in groups of people participating in a hobby or activity that you like and find some friends with real interests in common.

    The JW choice is easy now, but what about after marriage and children? What if your wife is gung ho or if she leaves the org and wants to stay with you? What JW woman is going to want a guy with no real ties to his congregation-who flits about to random assemblies and doesn't reach for more privileges? You do have an advantage in being male, but you are in a precarious situation if you marry a JW.

    All the debbie downer stuff aside, I hope you find some happy in your life. You seem like a guy who really wants some roots. The WT doesn't encourage it, not really. They just want your obedience, not your happiness. I hope you grow the kind of roots you want in this life. Good luck!

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    This is the saddest post I have read in a very long time. I won't give you "backlash" about it because it's your life and you should live it how you want to.

    Still, maybe you should think of renaming your avatar to something like "foreva again"...

  • biblexaminer

    As nic up the board said, this is kind of selfish. To stay in the mighty org to get girls.... hmm

    Well, there's nothing wrong with wanting a girl. It's not as if this fella is one of those child molestors who was in the mighty org to get a children. That actually happen more than once.

    But, all the same, one offers support to the org and the org is bad, it's a very bad thing.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    So what I am trying to say is, I woulnd't live any different as a worldly person.

    Don't mean to be rude but how could you live with yourself if you were to convert a 'worldly' person to your religion? Would your conscience not feel guilty for introducing him/her into a destructive cult?

  • Vidiot

    God help the "institutionalized".

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