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  • Mary

    Holy Christ, was that scarey!! I had just left work shortly after 4:00pm on Thursday, and we were in the elevators when suddenly everything went black!! Thank god there were only 4 of us in the elevator, but just the same, after about 10 minutes, we started getting scared and yelling for help (I work on the 15th floor). It was hotter than hell in there and we had no idea as to what had happened. We ended up taking MOST of our clothes off, because we were boiling. The one guy had his cell phone and he called his wife on her cell phone and that's when we found out that it wasn't just a problem with our building, it was very extensive. Realizing that it could be hours before anyone came for us, we all sat down but we were too tired to talk much.

    To make a long story short, about an hour later we heard someone yelling down to us (the one guy had taken off the top panel in the elevator to let some air in) and realized it was either the cops or the firemen. They were considering pulling us up individually with a freakin rope around us to the next floor, but they saw that we were only about a foot off the door opening on the floor below, so they came down, pried the doors open and we got out. (yep, we had our clothes back on by this time!)

    Then we all had to walk down 11 flights (actually, its 22 altogether) of stairs with flashlights (I would've thought the emergency lights would have come on but they didn't). My feet were killing me by the time we got to the bottom, I was roasting, exhausted and dying of thirst. We were without power for almost 22 hours and the entire city was black as the ace of spades. Very eerie feeling, but surprisingly very, very little looting.

    What a freakin nightmare! Anyway, I'm gonna sign off now, cause they still want us to conserve energy and a computer takes alot of energy. This is the first time I've have my computer on since Thursday but I thought you'd want to hear what it was like during the 2003 Blackout!

  • Robdar

    Mary, I am glad that you are okay and made it out of the elevator!

    Scarey story indeed! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Yikes.... I got clausterphobic just reading your story}}}}}}think I need a drink]]]]] ... glad you're ok.

  • wednesday

    mary, so glad u made it.. Was sweating just reading your post. pray for this.

    Lst week i also got stuck in elevator, between floors, and they had to pry it open and i got out by way of a ladder.

  • kgfreeperson

    I'm glad you're ok, too, Mary. Hope there are no lasting ill-effects!


    Hey Mary, glad to hear all is well, and you are A-OK!

    Be glad you weren't in the elevator shaft of First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto: 72 storeys up .

    I posted my experience on Lady Lee's thread from a few days ago. I'll go find it, and paste it here.

    Glad to read you are OK.

    ** Here it is:

  • Mary

    Thanks everyone.........Razorblade I work only 2 blocks from First Canadian Place!! Thank god I'm only in a building that's 19 stories high!

  • teejay

    Sheesh, Mary,

    What a story. glad you made it out as soon as you did. It could have been a lot worse.

    All I could think of while watching that scene unfold on TV was horrible stuff... like the one you were in (trapped in an elevator for hours); people who were in dentist chairs with the drill going; having left someplace needing to go to the bathroom but thinking "oh, I'll be home in ten minutes. I can wait" only to find yourself in a traffic jam. Then there's all that food spoiling in millions of refrigerators.

    I couldn't help but think of the terrorist angle, either. Was it a diversion? A dry run? If they didn't have anything to do with it, did we teach them something they could use? Thinking like that leads me to one conclusion: We need god's kingdom!! (j/k)

    p.s. Just read your nightmare, RAZOR and man!! Riding on a bike at night through the roughest part of town. Fun, huh?

  • Mary

    I know what Razor meant about seeingthe streetcars stopped exactly where they were when the power went out. You know what it reminded me of? That scene in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL when all the power went off.

    The newspapers headlines should have read THE DAY THE N.E. STOOD STILL.

    I also got a call from my bookstudy conductor (I haven't been to a bookstudy in two years) telling me that the study was cancelled for that night. What?! I was shocked!! Talk about showing a lack of appreciation for spiritual food!! If they're gonna let a little thing like this make them cancel a bookstudy, how will they ever endure the Great Trubulation when it strikes??!!

  • Nikita

    Whew Mary-what a story!! Glad you are okay!

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