November 2017 JW broadcasting HYPOCRISY!

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  • freddo

    Let 'em keep their two witness rule.

    Just obey the "Superior Authorities" (Romans 13 v 1) and report the crime of child abuse to them.

  • truth_b_known

    I find it ironic as well that the example given is actually one of the best know examples of misquoting scientists - "Life - How did it get Here? By Creation or Evolution" is bar far one of the clearest examples of the Watchtower misrepresenting scientific research. Even the title is misleading as evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis.


    Well, what did you think the GB and their Legal team would do, confess and repent during the Monthly Broadcast??

    The WTBTS is reactionary. What do the GB know the sheeple will start hearing about? Yep, the child abuse and the "two witness" rule. So, just like corrupt politicians, they are getting in front of the issue.

    They are liars. Liars always lie...

    Its a cult....


  • EverApostate

    "Selective Quoting" is a tactic used by fraudsters to distort the meaning of the original statement, according to their needs.

    All cults are frauds. That simple

  • sir82

    Their chutzpah is amazing. How they ever got through that with a straight face, I'll never know.

    The thing about the age of the sphinx was priceless. "2550 BCE can't be right, because the global flood occurred in 2369 BCE". And that was it. Just an assertion. Case closed. Splane said it so it must be true.

    And he paints himself as the "brains" of the organization. God help 'em.

    EDIT: It just struck me:

    The WTS has absolutely no problem believing that every - EVERY - form of vegetation on earth somehow survived 365 days of being under 1000's of feet of water, and then being able to grow back instantly as soon as the flood waters receded....

    ...thousands of pounds of pressure, under salt water for months on end, and then <poof> it all grows back instantly....

    ...but it is inconceivable that the Egyptians could have built the sphinx in 2550 BC because that was "before the flood".

    Intellectual giants, these guys are not.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    They have adjusted the policy on two witnesses for child abuse. The last update is that the 2 witness rule will still apply for internal dealings, but that regardless of the matter can be substantiated or not if the law requires it to be reported it will be reported to the proper secular and law enforcement authorities.


    "If the law requires it." 😂😂😂


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Stuck, "are they brazen?"

    I think the answer is yes, I don't think they treat anything with care anymore. Brazen indifference to reality is what happens when cults go pear-shaped.

    The only argument in town is, "Well it's in the Bible and therefore it must be true". Never do they challenge this shaky premise because if they used critical thinking, the house of cards would surely fall.

    They are telling the dumb flock that they are using critical thinking! They brazenly lie.

    So now the sheep are told to believe their leaders believe in academic methods of research. Total falsehood!

    How do they get away with lying? Easy, they have their own version of 'critical thinking' because they only talk to the dumb uneducated JWs who have had their brains rewired to believe anything the JW org says. What they mean by critical thinking is that they are no longer misquoting authorities because they have been brought to task by scholars who are victims of misapplication of their material by the ignorant Watchtower writers.

    The only good which could come out of this is that if they were REALLY to use a critical analysis of texts. It would require bringing a sceptical approach to everything they consider...........they would have to question every premise and find out the real origins of the Bible texts which is mainly borrowed from paganism.

    Eventually they would need to admit they have been wrong all along.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I never said that the change is good or bad, either if it is adequate or not. I am just presenting the fact because people keep forgetting that this change was made.

  • Gorbatchov



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