Santa Claus or the Talking Snake, which did you take?

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  • waton
    Ja, und ich bin der Weihnachtsmann! TD

    et moi, le Pere Noel.

    how could we ever have argued at the doors, in the studies for doctrines that would not exist with out that piece of nonsense.? more improbable than le Pere Noel , o(de)r der Weihnachtsmann mit der Rute.

    thank you TD!

  • David_Jay

    Being Jewish we take the "talking snake" as mere allegory.

    Since this also means that by default I don't observe Christmas even now after leaving the Watchtower, I will have to choose Santa Claus.

    Eight nights of Chanukah presents not enough for me, you ask? Where would Santa leave the gifts since we don't have a Christmas tree? Under the menorah, of course! And I'm sure St. Nick wouldn't mind latkes and some Maxwell House coffee (it's kosher) instead of milk and cookies.

    No, I don't believe in Santa, and I am sure no Jew feels comfortable with the idea of a Gentile with German origins sneaking around their home while they sleep. But if it means a 9th day of presents, where do I sign up?

  • waton

    Being Jewish we take the "talking snake" as mere allegory. David_Jay

    All the supposedly Christian writers being Jewish too, not just the one that penned the first book of Moses, they carried on the sustained metaphor right into Revelation. Not to be outdone, hardly a wt meeting goes by without the symbolic original serpent, perhaps morphed into a roaring lion gets mentioned, as a real dangerous enemy.

    I wanted to hear others feelings expressed as having been involved in spreading a ridiculous story like that, that was claimed to have devastating on jall creation, and cosmic consequences, on"universal sovereignty"no less.

    I really like the light symbolism, brightness generated by oxidisation, flame, as we still carry that original spark that started it all, and that was carried forward by our specific ancestors. I am so glad your's carried through the 30s and 40s too.

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