Santa Claus or the Talking Snake, which did you take?

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  • waton

    --take more seriously? Who are more gullible, believers in Santa or the ones in "the serpent"?

    An old man that delivers gifts? quite possible, Grandpa does it all the time! : believable.

    A talking snake? now, or back in time? Billions have believed in it, and in the ramifications* spun from the idea. what gives? * *from Abel to Armageddon, from Eve to everlasting life.

  • smiddy

    OK I admit I was the more gullible ,I believed in the talking snake though I dont think I ever really believed in Santa Clause .

    What does that make me ? Now I would say stupid.

    But at least I have been cured ,or have I ?

  • waton

    smiddy, it was only after reading selected bible texts (make sure of all things) that

    I actually became aware of the crucial importance of that sneaky snake episode to the whole sin / redemption racket.

    I was not fooled as a kid by rumbling sounds in the hallway, but was an adult swallowing it, hook line and sinker. I was past the the little Red Riding Hood and the Talking Wolf age.

    Stupid? no, gullible, in awe by the cosmic context of it all.

  • blondie

    Believers in Santa tend to be very young children who are deceived by their parents and other adults.

    Only 2 people bought into the talking snake; a perfect man who had named all the animals, so knew they did not talk, and his spouse had been created after that and doubtless had not been told by her husband specifically, that snakes did not talk...actually, none of the animals talked. But then believing in Santa didn't lead to losing everlasting life for themselves and the rest of the humans on earth.

    (This is a fable, both of these entities, and no wonder why children grow up thinking god is just another Santa fallacy)

  • waton

    Yes blondie, but the belief in the talking snake tale is so firmly entrenched among adults. I look at wt speakers and have to remind myself, "this person believes in the talking snake, his arguments rest ultimately on that story". so why is it that wt teachers, fundamentalists in general get away with it?

    the whole plot (if accepted at face value) is flaky. A&E never had everlasting life to start with, they relied on the tree of life to maintain it, or was it just part of a rescue kit? so: even even you above, and me here , analyzing, debunking details of the story, kind of help to perpetuate it. or?

  • waton

    Remember blondie, in your family's home country, Santa Klaus was a much more rounded out character. beside the sack he carried a politically incorrect implement to beat all errant children, just like the wages of sin applied to all right away.

  • blondie

    In my birth country, bad children received lumps of coal in their shoes and sticks...never saw anyone get either. It was a man dressed in cardinal's clothing with a shepherd's Santa. I recognized who it was by his shoes.

    The talking snake story was hard for me to swallow; Satan is not named until the book of Job and nowhere does Jesus directly identify the talking snake as Satan.

  • waton

    Santa, as a catchphrase, seems to have different embodiments in different cultures, carrying a beating broom in my home province. .

    By quoting from Genesis Jesus and his , (even modern day) disciples implicitly invoke the talking snake component, the redemption story would not make sense without it. Christ, the conveyor of the Revelation, also tied in the speaking great Dragon( now with legs) into that slithery allegory.

    I feel bad about ever having used any arguments referring back to that story, because it reinforced it and implied I believed it, without me actually thinking seriously that I did.

    We used it to debunk the catholic's ***popular concept that the "apple" was sexual temptation, impossible with the procreation mandate.Tying jws to the snaking talk is a great way to show how infantile their beliefs really are. imo.

    PS:*** come to think of it now, the catholics were less gullible than we wt preachers: by them, recounting an unbelievable story was branded in the local dialect: " chante' la pomme" singing the song (of the talking snake) of the forbidden fruit. ha ha. we ,

    the jw proved ourselves to be the gullible gens. .

  • NewYork44M

    Never believed in Santa; was not allowed to. Always told that Santa is simply Satan with the last two letters switched. Just another evil plot.

    In regards to the snake, yeah, I believed, I am sorry to say. Although I am old enough to have believed that, at the time, the snake had legs.

  • TD

    Talking snakes?

    -Ja, und ich bin der Weihnachtsmann!

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