So, how did the 'beard article' go over yesterday at your congregation?

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  • tor1500

    Hi There,

    I was at the hall yesterday when the beard thing was mentioned. Really ? With Isis, cutting off heads, Trump as President, people rioting in the streets, cops killing folks, need I saw more....Oh & don't forget, we are living in the last days...& all the society can come up with is Beards....folks are dying out there...Really ?

    I think witnesses concentrate on too much what folks think about them....when in reality, nobody is even interested in them. I think that is really what is bothering them...they don't feel persecuted....poor things....

    I'm a witness, when I tell folks that I'm a witness....crickets...they just keep talking & they don't skip a beat....I'm waiting for some big comment...Nothing...well, it's because other witnesses say, oh they don't like us...I really want to say, They don't like you....

    It's just another form of control, like DF'ing....but again, with all this craziness in the world....this is the best they got...Beards...


  • freddo

    Shiny bright white facade

    Image and honour they crave

    Rotten filth inside gone bad

    Nought but a whitewashed grave

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    At the recent SAD day in London Ohio USA this past weekend, they covered the beard issue in the WT 'summary'. The speaker made it plain that if the good-example brothers pictured in the WT magazine were shown with beards, it would be 'accepted locally', but until that happens, beards would not be acceptable. Anyone with a beard would 'bring into question their privileges'. They didn't leave much room for doubt.

  • baker

    “YOU saw a lot of casual clothing, especially when it was hot,” reported a Dutch newspaper regarding a meeting of church leaders. “That is not the case at the convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. . . . Boys and men wear a jacket and tie, while the girls’ and women’s skirt length is . . . in good taste, yet mod- ern.” Indeed, Jehovah’s Witnesses are often commended for adorning “themselves in respectable dress, with modesty and good judgment . . . in the way that is proper for [those] pro- fessing devotion to God.” Anyone notice they quoted a Dutch newspaper and even put the quotes in brackets, but never mentioned who the writer was or any way to verify the veracity of the article. I,LL BET you 40 quarters that there was never any magazine that would bother to criticize the dress of "church leaders", if they did, it would be labeled as non-news worthy. So far I haven't turned up any magazine on google search and probably won't find anything, just another printed imaginary boast.

  • FedUpJW

    No comments in favor, all comments against where I am at. I sat there with a stony stare on my fully bearded face, locking eyes and making the conductor break his gaze. Several comments referred to the "all things are lawful, but not all things are advantageous" drivel.

  • stuckinarut2

    Once again, it's all about outward appearances....

  • DesirousOfChange

    The "double -speak" and lack of clear "direction" means that each area of the world will have different bully elders imposing their own ideas...

    Sound like it will be a lot like the "No Colored Shirts" policy from the 70's/80's.

  • schnell

    Sorry, wolf boy, no privileges for you.

  • snugglebunny

    I spent 6 months trying to grow a beard and when i shaved it off my wife didn't even notice!

  • Sorry

    Another prime example how the WT likes to claim that Jehovah 'lovingly' gave us free will but will micro manage the pettiest crap like facial hair. Like a previous poster said, either big J finds it acceptable or he doesn't. They should stop being so passive aggressive and just say beards aren't allowed.

    As far as the "all things lawful are not advantageous" and the "stumbling" bullcrap, I highly doubt anyone is that pressed over someone else's beard. No one cares. Really.

    I think the organization gets off on their special snowflake status: "Oh, we have the most clean cut and wholsomely dress people! We're just so special. God's chosen people." Give me a break. If God is so petty he will rebuke you for hair on your face, that's a God I personally don't feel comfortable serving.

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