Todays WT, study with worldy kids if you can

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  • purrpurr

    According to today's wt, jws are now encouraged to start bible studys with worldy kids even if their parents dont want to join in. The wt suggests that the study should take place with the parent present or with another mature jw present.

    The wt suggests that studying with the kid may make the parent eventually want a study too.

    ... seriously?!! In what situation would any worldly parent allow some stranger from a werid cult to come jnto their house and convert their children? And what child would want that either? Have you ever heard of this happening?

    And that's before you consider the jw child abuse angle, it seems inspite of their dark reputation in this matter the WT is actually encouraging jws to target individual children and to study with them on their own! Thereby creating a prime opportunity for any peadofile to abuse the child!

  • Diogenesister

    In a situation where the parents are neglecting the child and either don't know, are not around or are happy to offload their kids on someone else.

    Watchtower knows full well we're talking about vulnerable kids here who are probably desperate for any kind of adult attention.

    This happened to me.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    we had several cases in my congregation. There were very low instructed parents who wanted JWs to give their children a basical spiritual and moral instruction.

    When those kids entered their 'teens, all that collapsed and there were absolutely no positive result.

  • ToesUp

    This shows you how delusional WT is. Once a parent or student Googles Jehovah's Witnesses they will never support studying with them. This is the wonderful thing the internet is doing to this cult.

  • tiki

    The parent would have to be pretty bad at parenting to let their child be spiritually or morally instructed by a stranger. As for the religion pushing this...pretty desperate to get converts I guess...

  • rebelfighter

    Would someone please post this article as I will not go to their website? Plus I have no clue how to find the weekly talks. Thank you.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This posts reminds me of an older sister in our Hall who studied with a young boy. The parents finally allowed him to go to a meeting with her one Sunday. During the meeting, someone threw a rock through the window above his seat and the falling glass cut his ear. The poor older sister had to take the kid home and explain what happened.

    The kid never came to another meeting and the study ended but I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there who think a kid should have some kind of religion in their life but don't know how to go about it themselves. If someone came to their door offering them a free bible study for their kid, they'd jump at the chance to get him or her off their hands for a few hours. Especially an overwhelmed single parent.

  • FedUpJW

    That was just part of this WT.

    Another topic was the unique trial of someones mate dying, FedUp actually got to comment on this one. The comment was that the death of a mate was "A unique trial to JW's because many older ones spent decades believing it when they were told they would never have children who would either go to school or graduate from high school, let alone that they would get old and die before Armageddon. And now they have grandchildren and they find themselves alone after their husband or wife have grown old and died, like generations of people before them."

    Despite that comment FedUp got called on a second time in the review. Question was how we could offer comfort to others. FedUp commented, "By following the brothers examples when they offer congregation prayers and mention those who are facing trials in our prayers. It is easy and takes no effort or time, and after saying our prayer we can just wait on Jehovah and trust that he will somehow comfort them."

  • freddo

    Sometimes you get a parent DF'd but who mentally believes it all.

    I remember as an elder being in this situation where the mother of two teenagers had enough of her thick, sometimes physically abusive JW husband and she not only left him, she had an affair with a non-jw guy she knew and basically said "I know it's wrong but I'm moving in with him and I know you will have to DF me."

    Anyway we agreed with her (as a jw elder would!) and DF'd her and she had the kids living with her and the husband disappeared off under the radar before we could deal with his abusiveness.

    But terms were cordial with the mother and she wanted her kids to go to meetings and have a study which we set up. Long term result?

    Mother - still out with no intention of returning

    Abusive husband - gone of into the sunset - officially inactive and not returning

    Kid 1 - Got baptised then df'd in mid twenties - out and no intention of returning.

    Kid 2 - uber pioneer sister

    The crazy world of JW-land of which I was an obedient brainwashed pawn ...

    Edit ... just read your post "FedUp" - brilliant!

  • waton
    That was just part of this WT.
    Another topic was the unique trial of someones mate dying, FedUp actually got to comment on this one.


    7. sister enters menopause without off spring, (obviously after trying for decades). For her plight:--- Remember, wt teaches that the restoration of procreative powers to females, survivors or resurrected ones, is not part of the return to perfection.

    8. A woman is "saved through childbearing" wt: "saved, but not to everlasting life", only from meddling in other's affairs , (like pioneering). ha ha.

    9. losing a mate? wt: "look to the resurrection hope", but wt teaches that the resurrected mates will not be reunited in marriage, even if there is one (mate, or a resurrection). . ( because there may be six others with similar claims) wt rules are rules.

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