Todays WT, study with worldy kids if you can

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    According to today's wt, jws are now encouraged to start bible studys with worldy kids even if their parents dont want to join in.

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  • sparrowdown

    The irresponsible attitude of this organization towards other peoples children never ceases to amaze me.

    The area I live in studying with other people's children by publishers, pioneers, MSs and Elders both in the cong and the territory was and still is very common and actively encouraged.

    Damned recipe for abuse to occur. WT is either really stupid or evil bastards - I think with the latter.


    This arrangement ought to get some Pedo's "salivating" in their under-rods !!

  • JW_Rogue
    The wt suggests that studying with the kid may make the parent eventually want a study too.
    ... seriously?!! In what situation would any worldly parent allow some stranger from a werid cult to come jnto their house and convert their children? And what child would want that either? Have you ever heard of this happening?

    This does happen sometimes, especially with rebellious teens. The parents may think that some religious education will help straighten out their kid (even though they aren't religious). Or it could be that they are related to JWs, or were raised JW but never got baptized, or they could be inactive.

  • waton

    kids are naturally contradictory. (we were pro-jazz, Mustang, B17 in the Hitler Youth ha ha, so, jw parents beware, pretend to be worldly, apostate to keep your kids "in".

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