Will you ever meet God or Jesus?

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  • gold_morning

    Oh Mary!!!

    Thanks for those two new scriptures. I especially like the one in Psalms 17:15. It will go into my references!!

    To those that mock or questions others convictions of heavenly life and never dieing... give us some creedence. We had belonged to the organization too once. We were confused, hurt and lost also. Yet.... we WANTED answers. We worked hard at reading the bible and finding out the REAL TRUTH.

    Aren't you the least bit curious what the heck we have found that makes us sooooo convicted?

    I remember years and years ago there was this pioneer couple who got disfellowshiped for leaving and becoming born again Christians. At the time I could not fathom how anyone could leave the truth....ESPECAILLY to become one of those cultish, devilish born againers!! Still I was curious. What could anyone have shown them to change their minds? Now I know.

    Funny... a little seed had been planted way back then.

    If you have questions.. if you are curious that is a good thing, not bad. Don't mock it because you are frightenend. Face it head on as an exciting journey. You may be pleasently surprised. If not, you are all the more wiser.

    agape love, gold_morning

  • gold_morning


    Just to make mention... The NIV version of Gen 35:17 says "As she breathed her last...."

    Interestingly the NWT says...."as her soul was going out"

    So does the American Standard.

    Funny the NWT did not change that. If the soul was the body... where was the body going out to? LOL


  • Mary

    Yep, VERY interesting.........there's another scripture in the OT, but I can't think of where it is right now......it's when Elijah or Elisha prays over the body of a widow's dead son, and after praying three times it says "and the soul of the child came back in to him", which to me, is another example of something goin' on here..........

  • gold_morning

    HMMMMM Mary,

    Even weirder,

    I found the account of it in 1 Kings 17:17.(verse 21 and 22)

    Yet, my NIV says..."the boys life returned to him.

    The american standard says the same thing.

    Yet, the NWT says the soul of the child came back within him.

    I wonder why the NWT is using the word soul when they are such avid believers that the soul is the body?

    What version of the bible do you use.

    agape love, gold_morning

  • Mary
    What version of the bible do you use?

    Why, the New World Translation of course!! Don't you know that it was directly inspired by Jehovah Himself??!!

    I've got that one and the Catholic Douay version........which ironically, was used by the Organization before they came up with their own. My father has his name and the congregation he went to at the time, written in the front.

  • gold_morning


    You seem to have done some research on JW doctrines. Are you stil involved with them? Just curious. Do you have any struggles with the whole mess? If you would like to write me please do. I am at [email protected].

    Keep up your questioning and reading. I found the truth in my old NWT.. You can't hide the real truth no matter what version you use. I use the NIV now.

    I can show you some very subtle and not so subtle changes they have made though.

    agpae love, gold_moring

  • ozziepost

    G'day Freedom,

    Do you believe in a heaven, and if so, when you get there, in your opinion, will you ever personally walk up to God or Jesus and talk to them face to face?

    The obtuse reply would be "I already have!" but I feel just a few comments are warranted.

    The Borg's teachings over many decades have been based on the premise that Jehovah is in a location; somewhere that could be visited. You may recall that it wasn't too long ago that the Dubs were taught that Jehovah's home was in the galaxy of Pleiedes. Presumably he could have been visited! Although this belief has been discarded, the WTS still teaches that God is in a physical location. Thus, upon death, the anointed go to that location.

    This is not what the Bible teaches, but is a development of the original views of Joe Ratherflawed. It still is Dub teaching that God is not omnipresent, but rather is in a fixed location.

    This overlooks that God, the creator, is the maker of time and space. As such, he's not bound by it, as we humans are.

    Will we "go up to God in heaven"? Nope. We won't be walking anywhere! You walk in a physical universe. Heaven is not like that.

    So, will I meet up with Jesus? Not in the sense of meeting up with someone at the shopping mall. But the scriptures do speak of seeing him "as he really is".

    If you are a follower, a disciple, of Jesus, you have already met him.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yes, I am....and yes, I have met him, Oz.....so how does that make it obtuse?


    Frannie B

  • Mary
    You seem to have done some research on JW doctrines.

    Research? Hell, I'm 3rd generation Borg!! My grandparents got "the troof" way back in the '20s or '30s.

    Are you stil involved with them?

    Well, I'm tryin' to do the slow fade.........I still feel guilty and I'd miss some of the people at the Hall if I left completely, but I'll get there one day.

    Do you have any struggles with the whole mess?

    Does a snake crawl on it's belly? Yep, I've struggled for years emotionally with the whole damn thing. I remember reading 1 Corinthians chapter 15 when I was about 12 years old and was shocked because it sounded as though there really was life after death..........never forgot that. I've also never believed the whole 1914 bullshit.......made no sense at all...........very devastating finding out this wasn't "the one true religion."

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