Bucket list

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  • Outahere

    I hope you guys get to see and do all the things you dream of.

  • LongHairGal

    A bucket list may work for some people but I never considered it.

  • Xanthippe


    This site has 10,000+ bucket list ideas. It's not for old people, it's for living your life fully. There are hundreds more of these sites.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have a bucket list and have done most of it.
    Stuff like standing under a waterfall in Hawaii, snorkeling in the Caribbean, riding a bicycle in Beijing and climbing up to the Great Wall.

    Mine started when I was in the Navy and wound up briefly riding a camel in front of the Egyptian pyramids. I thought I would keep going throughout my life and seeing stuff and doing things.

    I still have left to explore Machu Picchu and white water rafting on the Colorado River (or some other canyon) and riding an open air vehicle on an African plain. I have ruled out ever going to Antarctica, but replaced it with Australia. But I should have plenty of time to get to those.

  • Wild_Thing

    A "bucket list" is just a pop culture term for setting goals you want to accomplish before you die. Setting goals is always good.

    I do have a bucket list. I wrote in the notes section of my Facebook page and made it private and only viewable to me. Every once in a while I will go look at it. I might add some more, take some off that don't seem important anymore, and check some off my list, if I'm lucky. :)

    Make sure you put some low cost or free things on your bucket list. That way, you have no excuse to start tackling it!

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