Why designated hotels?

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  • punkofnice
    Does anyone know why the congregations are urged to use only recommended hotels for a$$€mb£ies?
  • ToesUp
    The org claims they can obtain a reduced rate for a large block of rooms. Most Corporations that reserve and promise hotels guaranteed business will receive perks. Such as free rooms, upgraded rooms, free meals in hotel restaurants, etc... I believe these free rooms are used by the traveling speakers from bethel. This was my understanding of how the process worked.
  • tiki
    $$$$$$ they promise blocks of rooms to be used and get kickbacks from the hotels...it's all just more money making scheme.
  • dubstepped
    The Borg probably gets a cut of the action. Someone here once told me they get comped rooms for special delegates and such. The organization profits by controlling the rest of the people. I would get my own room and find better prices without having to watch my brothers and sisters steal food or be rude at breakfast to one another.
  • punkofnice
    That's very helpful. I didn't know that. Thank you
  • Magnum
    Yeah, because the org negotiates with the hotels to get complimentary rooms. It says "we bring you X amount of business; you us Y number of complimentary rooms." The org then uses those rooms for itself; it rents them to JWs. I've seen the checks.
  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    There was a local needs item this week which dealt with this - the letters about this were posted a few days ago :-



  • ToesUp
    Dubstepped- sisters steal food or be rude at breakfast to one another.
    You are correct. It was amazing to see the "love" of our brothers. When they are offered a free breakfast, some are very pushy and rude. I watched a brother empty out the hotel ice maker to fill up his cooler.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Yeah, because the org negotiates with the hotels to get complimentary rooms.

    Note that this is SOP in the travel industry. TAs who arrange large groups at various resort destinations typically get one free room for every 10 rooms booked. If you traveled with any business group to a convention center hotel in the US you can be sure that the group brass are staying complimentary of the hotel.

    If you plan a "destination wedding", say in Jamaica, the resort will typical comp the bride & groom their room if you meet the necessary "quota" of guest bookings. For a BIG wedding, the entire bridal party/family may be in comp rooms.

    WT uses these comp rooms for COs/DOs and Bethel guests.

    This is smart business, not unethical or illegal. And I doubt whether any JW would feel any resentment over it.


  • nonjwspouse
    On this same note, I feel the org is also getting kickbacks from "recommending" Apple products to the congregations, and making them more of a necessity. The Apple watch seen on the wrist of a GB member in a video goes to confirm this thought.

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