More daming evidence against evolution from an expert

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  • konceptual99

    Don't worry, I'm taking the piss. It's just another video promoting one of their own who had the benefit of a university education and medical training before they became a Witness and letting him try and debunk years of research with an appeal to emotion about the placenta.

  • cofty

    Every creationist argument ever -

    1 - x is very complex.

    2 - I don't know (because I am too lazy to research) how x could have evolved.

    3 - Therefore it must have been made by Jesus (but let's not mention his name at this stage).

    4 - People who accept evolution want to do bad stuff and not answer to Jesus.

    5 - Therefore I don't have to learn anything about the evidence.

  • cofty
  • konceptual99

    Come on Cofty, the man has a white coat on. How wrong can he be?

  • 2+2=5
    If child birth is the design of God, he is one fucked up creep. That shit isn't worth bragging about, it's horrific. What a useless prick.
  • cantleave
    If child birth is the design on God, he is one fucked up creep. That shit isn't worth bragging about, it's horrific. What a useless prick.

    Nah - he just he just hates women

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Lab coat = facts confirmed.

    I'm going back to "da troof" right now....

  • Vidiot

    @ cofty...

    You forgot #6... "rinse and repeat". :smirk:

  • Cadellin

    It is astonishing that they are still referencing that atrocious turquoise book! After everything that has been written about that embarrassing piece of deception, I am amazed that they would release a video where this doctor extolls it like he does. So, if it is such a great book, why did the Society stop publishing it?

    Moreover, this guy is supposed to be a man of science, of critical thinking. What kind of critical thinker would read something like that and just swallow it down without checking it out thoroughly? Admittedly, it would likely be hard to follow through on the references if you could not read English. Still, I can't imagine there aren't resources in Spanish that would enable a Spanish speaker to investigate the false claims in Life-How did it Get Here?

  • redpilltwice

    Why is it that a lot of these JW scientists still keep referring to this "Life - How did it get here? By evolution or creation?"- book (published 1985)?

    We probably will never hear or read in the magazines about colleagues finding out about the infamous misquotations and intellectual dishonesty (remember the Rama Singh debacle in Awake! of january 2015? ), but why would any JW scientist take the risk to be put to shame in his field of science? Did these JW scientists ever do some fact-checking for themselves and if so, did they ignore the intellectual dishonesty in favor of WT creation stories? I used to enjoy these stories while still in the Borg, but now I find these one sided personal stories at least suspicious.

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