More daming evidence against evolution from an expert

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  • LV101

    They're trying to keep the natives from thinking (not difficult and Cofty's #6) and hounded the doctor to present the evidence their way.

    I know of a doctor they pushed to talk against higher education at one of the big events. He was mad as hell about it and other than this puppet act encouraged all youth to get as much education as they possibly could. The power they have over their adherents going on stage is unbelievable.

  • ttdtt

    Cofty - aren't those arguments foolproof, or proof of fools? :)

  • JeffT
    Come on Cofty, the man has a white coat on. How wrong can he be?

    They're taking a page right out of Milgram's play book. (Look up Stanley Milgram) Of course JW's have never heard of him, and would draw the wrong conclusions if they did. The fact that the guy studied Medicine means nothing when he's talking about evolution, but to the ignorant, it sounds impressive.

  • Vidiot

    JeffT - " the ignorant, it sounds impressive."

    Not that that's saying much.

    To the ignorant, Donald f**king Trump sounds impressive. :smirk:

  • CookieMonster

    Maybe he would also like to explain the design flaws in giving birth.

    And evolutionary medicine explains why childbirth is so dangerous for both babies and mothers. One reason is because evolution favors reproduction over health. In other words, the most successful of the species are those who produce more offspring, not perfect offspring. From an evolutionary perspective, it is better to have 10 children and have 5 die, than to have 2 perfect children.

    Moreover, childbirth itself represents a compromise between competing evolutionary pressures. On the one hand, a more neurologically mature newborn is more likely to survive, so there is an advantage for a baby to be born more with a bigger head and therefore neurologically more mature. On the other hand, there is a limit to the size of the woman’s pelvis. That’s because a larger pelvis renders walking more difficult and if the pelvis is large enough, walking upright is impossible. There is tremendous evolutionary pressure to increase the size of the neonatal head and equally large evolutionary pressure to limit the size of the maternal pelvis.

    As a result, there is naturally and inevitably a significant amount of incompatibility between the size of the baby’s head and the size of the mother’s pelvis. This is built into the system. In other words, a significant amount of maternal and fetal death is built into the system and is unavoidable. Understanding this leads to different conclusions than the erroneous assumption that women are “designed” to give birth.

    The same principle applies to pregnancy length. The earlier a baby is born, the easier it is for the baby to fit through the maternal pelvis. The later a baby is born, the more neurologically mature it is, giving the baby a survival advantage. The variability in the length of pregnancy represents the competing evolutionary pressures on the timing of birth. The length of pregnancy is NOT a sign that the baby is “ready” to be born. We understand that premature babies are not born prematurely because they are ready to survive outside the uterus; often they aren’t. Similarly, postdates babies are not staying inside the uterus because they aren’t ready to survive; they are definitely ready to survive outside the uterus and staying inside longer can lead to avoidable stillbirth.

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