At the doors.

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  • joe134cd
    I never put these type of people down as NH. They were home they spotted us, and they knew what we were there for.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I always found that householders in the more affluent areas received a lot of deogatory comments for their materalistic success. I put this down to jealously. The irony was that these were the very houses we would have liked to live in after armageddon :-)

    The Rebel.

  • tiki

    We used "hbh" on those notation slips...forgot what they were called...home but hiding....

    And the classic when working well todo neighborhoods.....they have these beautiful homes and have to work all the time and never get to enjoy them..pat self righteous poverty stricken cheap apartment dwelling Pioneer on back....

  • macys
    I was forced out in service with a CO's wife by my father and mother who thought it would be good for me to get to know them. It was their first year as substitute CO couple and they were young (am I allowed to call out their names here?) Boy what a bunch of judgmental hypocrites they turned out to be. All nice and loving in the hall, giving talks about love and love and love and love...................................................................... but out in service got to see the real people who are they. If someone did not want a WT then "their heart condition is not right to accept Jehoavh." A man with lots of tattoos comes to the door and he says "no thanks, I don't need God." and closes the door. She says to me, "with all those disgusting tattoos God does not want you." and laughs. Really? Because of tattoos God does not love someone? Go down the block, a dirty house with bad smells coming outside then she says, "they need Jehovah in their life to clean up and worship him." Sick and twisted things like that. I would love to tell you their names. I wonder if they are even JDubs anymore!
  • stuckinarut2
    By the sound of that Macys, that brother is next in line to be on the GB!
  • brandnew

    I remember an eldurr asking my pops why he bought a corvette.!!

    The same eldurr had a harley in his garage!!! Hypocrit!!!

    And pops called him on it.......eldurr had nothing to say😂😂

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