What is the org’s view on extraterrestrial life?

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  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    Beth Sarim is right. They don't believe in ETs (like little green men) because it puts a giant hole in the Universal Sovereignty thing.
  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    Little green men seem more believable then universal sovereignty. BTW is there any biblical support for universal sovereignty?
  • 3rdgen

    Beth S gave the standard JW answer which is: Earth must be the first planet to be inhabited because otherwise the issue of Universal Sovereignty would have already arisen and been settled by JeHOvah.

    I agree that if intelligent life is found on another planet they will likely say it is a Satanic hoax. Yet, when i was still "in" there were those who thought that after the big A and the paradise earth is filled some other planet might be prepared (by God) to support human life. Then humans might be transferred there to beautify and fill it. I know, weird.

  • truthseeker100
    I am an extraterrestrial and I have been talking to the others and it's our consensus that humans have to learn to control religion before we can share the sacred secrets of our existence. Until that time we shall continue to shun the puny humans........
  • Richard_I

    UFOs and extraterrestrials are Satan and his buddy demons trying to mislead us, apparently.

    g96 7/8 26-27 The Bible’s Viewpoint UFO’s—Messengers From God?:

    The Bible warns that Satan and his demons are intent on misleading mankind. They take advantage of mankind’s despair and hopelessness to offer attractive, but false, solutions. (2 Corinthians 11:14) Hence, the Bible warning: “In later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons.”—1 Timothy 4:1. In like manner today, any supposed visits and seemingly beneficial guidance from such beings should be rejected, whatever form they may take. Those who would rather follow the advice of “extraterrestrials” than God’s Word are bound to be misled—a terrible mistake to make in these critical times.

  • Oubliette

    MNIONC: I agree. But I don't think that they put angels in the same category as "aliens" or "little green men". You do bring up a good point.

    Yes of course you are correct, but that just reveals the inconsistency in their "theology" on this point.

    Why is the "Universal Sovereignty Issue" unchallenged by the rebellion of the demons, but could not withstand "little green men" or any other biological lifeforms?

    It's an internally incoherent and inconsistent "theology."

    That being said, I for one do believe in "little green women":

    Star Trek: Orion Slave Girl

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ Richard_I:

    Is that Awake article for real? LOL!

  • maksutov

    *** g00 8/8 p. 28 Watching the World ***
    Extraterrestrials Unlikely
    “In the last few decades, a growing number of astronomers have promulgated the view that alien civilizations are likely to be scattered among the stars,” states The New York Times. “This extraterrestrial credo has fueled not only countless books, movies and television shows . . . but a long scientific hunt that uses huge dish antennas to scan the sky for faint radio signals from intelligent aliens.” That search will most likely fail, say two prominent scientists, Dr. Peter D. Ward and Dr. Donald C. Brownlee, authors of the book Rare Earth. New findings in astronomy, paleontology, and geology, they say, show “that Earth’s composition and stability are extraordinarily rare” and that conditions elsewhere are unsuitable for complex life-forms. “We have finally said out loud what so many have thought for so long—that complex life, at least, is rare,” said Dr. Ward. Adds Dr. Brownlee: “People say the Sun is a typical star. That’s not true. Almost all environments in the universe are terrible for life. It’s only Garden of Eden places like Earth where it can exist.”

    *** g90 4/8 p. 8 Extraterrestrials—Where Are They? ***
    SETI astronomers blithely assume that life must have originated by chance all over the universe. Gene Bylinsky, in his book Life in Darwin’s Universe, speculates on the various paths evolution might have taken on alien worlds. He suggests that intelligent octopuses, marsupial men with pouches on their stomachs, and bat-people who make musical instruments are not at all farfetched. Renowned scientists have praised his book. However, other scientists, such as Feinberg and Shapiro, see the gaping flaw in such reasoning. They decry the “weakness in the basic experimental foundations” of scientists’ theories about how life got started on earth. They note, though, that scientists nonetheless “have used these foundations to erect towers that extend to the end of the Universe.”
    The Wrong Religion
    ‘Why,’ you may wonder, ‘do so many scientists take the impossible for granted?’ The answer is simple and rather sad. People tend to believe what they want to believe. Scientists, for all their claims of objectivity, are not exempt from this human failing. ...
    So in answer to the question, “Is anyone out there?” science clearly gives no grounds for belief in life on other planets. In fact, as the years pass and the silence from the stars continues, SETI is a growing embarrassment to scientists who believe in evolution. If various types of life evolve readily from nonlife, then why do we not hear from them in this vast universe? Where are they?

    *** g90 4/8 p. 9 Extraterrestrials—Finding the Answer ***
    Some influential religious figures have insisted that God would not create any world without purpose and that all habitable worlds must therefore be inhabited. Is that what the Bible says? No. The Bible indicates that it is very unlikely that God at this point has created intelligent physical creatures on any planets other than our own.

  • JW_Rogue

    I don't believe they have ever responded to any claims of bacterial life on other planets, they seem to ignore those as unimportant. Even though in reality it implies that life either arose in other areas of the universe through evolution or that God created bacteria on other planets. The latter option doesn't really make much sense. Why would God create bacteria on planets where no other life resides? What purpose could the bacteria serve?

    They would adamantly deny the possibility of any intelligent life on other planets. The reason being that intelligent life on other planets would pretty much blow up the whole bible concept of humans being caught in an epic battle for the sovereignty of the universe.

  • JW_Rogue
    Yet, when i was still "in" there were those who thought that after the big A and the paradise earth is filled some other planet might be prepared (by God) to support human life. Then humans might be transferred there to beautify and fill it. I know, weird.

    Yeah, this is still a popular idea although it has never been in a WT or AW. Normally this comes up when someone starts talking about how if everyone lives forever how the Earth would overpopulate. Then some brother who thinks he is super smart will say that maybe Jehovah will send us to other planets to transform them. Then someone will change the subject before everyone realizes how crazy it all sounds. LOL

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