Help, my son has turned American !

by Simon 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • plmkrzy

    Aww elsewhere, "Hondo" a true classic indeedy.

    Blondi, you forgot Bwastyn!

  • drwtsn32

    Simon, you need to accept your son for who he really is. It took great courage for him to express his true nature. It may be disturbing for someone to be American in your fundamentalist, conservative family, but he is still your son! He is born American and nothing can change that. Don't push him back into the proverbial British closet! He needs your love and support now more than ever!

  • ignored_one




    Ignored One.

  • Xena

    Could be worse....could have turned French

  • Valis

    Hey Simon...that just makes it easier for when we proceed with the arranged marriages right? Oh yeah...don't move to Canada man...move to Texas! You know we are the breeding ground for the best Apostates on the planet..

    Xena...I've decided I'm stalking you today..


    District Overbeer

  • Xena
    Xena...I've decided I'm stalking you today..

    is that a threat or a promise?

    Hey lets live dangerously and hijack Simon's thread...*giggle*

  • Valis

    eheheh...Xena...we may need some of these

    ...oh and we'll need some kind of cheesy name...maybe like "Apostates For A Nude Texas" or something...



    District Overbeer

  • Xena

    well I prefer this look personally....

    "Apostates For A Nude Texas"

    I like's got a ring to it.....let me know when the next fundraiser is

    lol I feel SO BAD doing this on Simon's's like having sex in your parents bed....not that I ever did that

  • Simon

    Hey, once we're in Canada we'll make a sortie over the border and head for Texas ... probably overshoot and end up in mexico or something

    Xena ... I'm, well ... shocked !

    Re: Liam and his accent: of course it's just a bit of fun. Me and ang. can't help laughing and what he says is funney as well - yesterday they were playing "Starskey & Hutch" (hey, I remember the real thing, they think it's just a game) and Liam was not happy with Dylans shooting: "Dylan, you are shooting like a rookie".

  • avishai

    Encourage it! It could mean your son has an aptitude for language. Having done a shitload of theater, I've had to do numerous accents, & started doing them when I was about 7 & discovered bbc on tv. Huge dr. who nerd as a kid. A friend of mine & I would try to ape the thickest, most indecipherable cockney accents, & got reasonably good at cockney slang, just so people would'nt understand us in high school.

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